Graduate Certificate Program in Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership

The application deadline is November 1 for Winter 2024 admission. The deadline is March 15 for Fall 2024 admission.

Designed for students seeking additional training and exploratory opportunities in arts entrepreneurship and leadership. This program is open to any student who has earned a bachelor’s degree. 

Some credits may be doubled-counted with coursework undertaken in the student’s primary field of study in accordance with Rackham or SMTD guidelines.

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The Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership requires a total of 12 credits. Coursework to include: 

  • At least one 3-credit EXCEL Graduate Gateway Course. 
  • Other EXCEL graduate courses (at least 3 credits) 
  • Any graduate courses in any school of department, contributing to the students’ critical understanding of business, entrepreneurship, management, strategy, marketing, social service, or leadership (at least 3 credits)
  • A practica, either an internship or capstone project, developed with a supervising faculty member (2-3 credits) 

Silent Advisor

Degree requirements and term-by-term layout for current students.

Applying and Advising

Admission to the program is granted on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to apply at any time. Students who wish to pursue the certificate are encouraged to apply as early in their programs as possible. Current U-M students must be in good standing and interested students should meet with a Department of Entrepreneurship and Leadership advisor to map a course of study prior to submitting their application. Students who are not currently enrolled at U-M may apply directly to earn the graduate certificate.


ARTSADMN courses can be used to satisfy any of the certificate requirements. Only internship or independent study courses may be used more than once to satisfy a requirement and only one such repeated class can be included in the certificate. The Graduate Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership is administered by the Rackham Graduate School. Rackham academic policies governing Certificates of Graduate Studies apply. No more than one-sixth of the credits (5.0 credits) required for a master’s degree may simultaneously be counted toward the Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership certificate.


Andrew Kuster

Executive Editor of MUSA, Lecturer
Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Jonathan Kuuskoski

Chair of Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Clinical Assistant Professor of Music