University Productions

University Productions is the producing arm of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. In addition to producing 9 fully-staged productions (and up to two studio productions) each academic year for the Theatre & Drama, Musical Theatre, Voice, and Dance Departments, University Productions manages Hill Auditorium, Rackham Auditorium, the Power Center for the Performing Arts, the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, and the Arthur Miller Theatre.

Theatrical Shops

University Productions is home to five shops that provide support to the technical aspects of each production: The Walgreen Scene Shop, the Power Center Scene Shop, the Walgreen Costume Shop, the Power Center Props Shop, and the Power Center Electrical Shop. Within the scene shops are two Scenic Painting Shops. There is also a Sound Studio within Walgreen, to assist with the audio designs for every show.

The production and tech work is done by a mix of students fulfilling requirements for course study in theatre department practicums, student employees, and professional staff and faculty of University Productions and the Department of Theatre & Drama.

Walgreen Scene Shop

The Walgreen Scene Shop, located on North Campus, provides students with education and hands-on experience in all aspects of scenic construction, installation, and take-down. Students working in the shop work directly with educators with years of experience in the field, and gain experience in working with power tools of all kinds.

Power Center Scene Shop

The Power Center Scene Shop, located on Central Campus, provides students with education and hands-on experience in all aspects of scenic construction, installation, and take-down. Students working in the shop work directly with educators with years of experience in the field, and gain experience in working with power tools & construction methods of all kinds. The Power Center Scene Shop creates the set pieces for all Lydia Mendelssohn and Power Center productions.

Scenic Painting

Scenic Painting Shops are located within both the Walgreen and the Power Center Scene Shops. Trained artisans oversee the painting of all set pieces, and provide detailed instruction and guidance on the process. Students working in the Scenic Painting Shops work on actual set pieces for upcoming productions. 

Power Props Shop

 The Props Shop, located in the Power Center annex, procures and produces the furniture, set dressing, and hand props for the 10+ fully-staged productions presented each season. Students working in the shop are introduced to a variety of tools and techniques listed below. Students with advanced skills contribute to the process of prop-making and to the props used in the shows.

Walgreen Costume Shop

The Walgreen Costume Shop is home to artisans and and costume construction experts who work to realizing the costume designer’s vision. Students working in the shop receive education and experience in the construction, fitting, pulling, care, and rental of costume pieces.

Power Electrics Shop

The Electrics Shop (sometimes known as the Theatrical Lighting Shop) provides the labor and plans for loading in the lighting designs for each University Productions show. Theater lighting involves using specialized equipment and tools to make a lighting design happen. Students working in the shop will help by preparing to move a show into the theater, hanging and powering light fixtures in the theater, and then helping strike by taking lights and cables down after the performances.

Walgreen Sound Studio

The Walgreen Sound Studio is an educational space that provides the tools necessary for students and designers working on audio support for productions.

Upcoming Productions

All productions produced by University Productions for the School of Music, Theatre & Dance are ticketed, and accessibly priced. The revenue generated from ticket sales goes toward creating further educational performance opportunities for SMTD students, including the hiring of guest directors and designers.

Tickets are managed by the UMS League Box Office, and are available at

Performance Halls & Venues

University Productions is responsible for the care, maintenance, scheduling, management, and operations of some of the most prominent venues on campus. Local performing arts organizations like UMS, The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, The Major Events Office (MEO), The Ann Arbor Folk Festival, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and–of course–the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, are proud to call University Productions’ venues home.

Ticketing for all University Productions venues are handled by the event producers, not by University Productions. The primary ticket offices on campus are the Major Events Office and the League Ticket Office, which is managed by UMS.

All University Productions facilities are available for rent. Please visit each venue’s page (linked below) for rental information and policies.

Maps & Directions

Addresses for our venues can be found on the individual venue pages; maps and directions can be found on the Maps, Directions & Other Travel Information page.

Hill Auditorium

Renowned for its magnificent acoustics, Hill Auditorium is one of the world’s great concert halls. Since opening in 1913, Hill has welcomed ensembles, orchestras and speakers from around the world. Hill seats 3,500 and is the largest performance space on campus.


Power Center for the Performing Arts

This 1,300-seat theatre is primarily used for our dance, musical theatre, theatre, and large-scale opera performances.

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

In this 600-seat theatre, many of our smaller, more intimate theatre, musical theatre, dance, and opera productions are held.

Arthur Miller Theatre

A flexible performance space used for theatre & drama and musical theatre, this venue can accommodate proscenium and thrust stage configurations and an audience of up to 280.


The University Productions facilities, shops, and administrative offices are staffed by dedicated performing arts management professionals and working artists in their fields. Several heads of the production shops also teach classes in theatrical design & production. 

Patrick Drone

Theatrical Properties Shop Manager and Adjunct Lecturer in Theatre & Drama
Theatrical Properties

Chad Hain

Theatrical Scenery Manager and Mentor Instructor
Power Scene Shop

Heather Hunter

Theatrical Lighting Manager and Mentor Instructor
Theatrical Lighting

Paul Hunter

Production Manager, University Productions
Production Management

Danielle Keys

Associate Theatrical Properties Manager
Theatrical Properties

Kelley Krahn

Performance Halls House MGR
Front of House Management

Kat Kreutz

Properties Stock & Tech Coordinator
Theatrical Properties

Jeffrey Kuras

Director University Productions and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Performing Arts Management, Production Management

Richard Lindsay

Technical Director, University Productions and Adjunct Lecturer in Theatre & Drama, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Walgreen Scene Shop

Devin Miller

Theatre Artisan Associate Supervisor
Power Scene Shop

Dane Racicot

Lead Backstage Operations Manager
Backstage Operations

Henry P. Reynolds

Information Systems Administrator University Productions and Assistant Professor of Theatre
Administration, Sound Design

Leslie Ann Smith

Assistant Costume Shop Manager and Cutter/Draper, University Productions
Costume Shop

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If you have rental questions or would like to rent one of our facilities, please contact:
Shannon Rice
Facilities Manager
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If you have questions regarding the technical specifications of Hill Auditorium, Power Center for the Performing Arts, Rackham Auditorium, or the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, please contact :
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