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At SMTD, your path can be as individual and unique as you are. We provide a broad range of degree programs and courses of study for SMTD students, as well as abundant options for students from other U-M schools and colleges

A flexible interdisciplinary degree platform for independent-thinking, entrepreneurial music makers and future leaders featuring a full liberal arts curriculum.

Designed for students who have interests in the visual arts and theatre as well as a desire to create original performance pieces. Interdisciplinary degree jointly offered by the Stamps School of Art & Design and the Department of Theatre & Drama in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

Designed for students who want to combine a solid grounding in jazz and improvised music with courses involving meditative practices and other areas related to creative development.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Technology is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to study Music and Music Technology, in combination with other subjects. It is the most flexible and customizable of the three degree programs.

Designed for students interested in all facets of theatrical design and production, including visual communication, aesthetics, ideation, collaboration, management, theory, history, literature, graphics, technology, and allied crafts.

Designed with focuses on developing acting, voice, movement, and stage combat skills while also providing a solid liberal arts education.

Designed for students to learn the craft of directing stage productions; the function of a director; and the relationships between a director and designers, stage managers, and actors.

Designed for students who wish to become composers and/or pursue academic careers.

This degree program is designed for students who want to combine strong foundations in mainstream jazz training, as well as more eclectic approaches to contemporary improvised music.

This degree program is designed for students with experience and interest in producing music with technology who also wish to continue studying traditional music performance (classical or jazz) on an acoustic instrument or voice at the college level.

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