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Bachelor of Arts with Music Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts with Music Concentration (BA in Music) program gives independent-thinking, entrepreneurial music makers and future leaders a degree platform to create a course of study that supports their interests and creativity. The program’s options and interdisciplinarity make the BA in Music particularly attractive to undergraduates wishing to pursue a creative artistic career that combines aspects of SMTD’s many strengths.

Our program also includes a full liberal arts core curriculum, featuring English writing skills and foreign language study along with a set of options in social and physical sciences and the humanities. The degree combines depth with breadth.

Further, because the BA in Music encourages students to take advantage of course offerings across the University, it serves as a strong foundation to pursue additional minors or a second major at the university. Popular minors include Creative Writing and Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Popular double majors include computer science and psychology, but SMTD BA in Music students pursue a wide range of second degrees and have full access to studies across the University of Michigan.

BA in Music students are a particularly dynamic cohort who combine a personal passion and dedication to the arts with the drive to make a unique creative impact on the world.

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The Bachelor of Music requires a minimum of 120 credits, with a minimum of 30 credits within SMTD. SMTD coursework to include:
Private lessons
Music Theory
Ensemble participation


SMTD offers a wide variety of courses across all disciplines.

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Degree requirements and term-by-term layout.


Mark Clague

Associate Dean for Collaborations and Partnerships and Professor of Music; Director of U-M Gershwin Initiative, Co-Editor-in-Chief MUSA


Application for 2023-2024 Due December 1

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