Engagement & Outreach

Engagement & Outreach at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD) connects the School and its resources to the community. Faculty, students, staff, and community members engage with each other through high-quality performing arts programming in three primary areas: Youth Programs, Adult Programs and Community Outreach Programs. All derive their standard of excellence from faculty leadership, student and alumni involvement, and local and national collaborations.

Youth Programs

The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance has a strong commitment to creating the artists of tomorrow, which starts well before college. To this end, we offer a number of programs created especially for pre-college-age students, from elementary to high school. Information for parents and guardians of children on U-M Campuses

MPulse Performing Arts Institutes (MPulse), are a collection of residential summer programs that engage pre-college students pursuing excellence in music performance, theatre, dance, and musical theatre. Institutes are designed for students considering study of these areas at the collegiate level, and connect students with SMTD’s world renowned faculty.

Adult Programs

Our programs for adults age 18 and older include year-round continuing education opportunities and summer workshops for career development.

Lifelong Learning

Summer Intensives


Community Programs

SMTD strives to make the transformative power of the performing arts accessible to populations and communities throughout Michigan while preparing SMTD students to become highly engaged artist-citizens. To support these goals, SMTD Engagement & Outreach Office of Community Programs develops and maintains mutually beneficial partnerships between SMTD and community organizations in the Ann Arbor area and beyond. To leverage and focus our institutional energy and strengths, intentional energy is applied in two major areas: Programs and Partnerships

Active partner engagement has resulted in the organic, steady growth of four program initiatives in the Community Programs area. All of these partner-focused initiatives: have SMTD faculty involvement; provide opportunities for SMTD student participation; and, are offered free for community participants.

Partnerships connect with educational and community organizations to:

  • Share the positive benefits of the performing arts with underserved audiences
  • Bring engaging performing arts presentations to non-traditional venues
  • Inform young people about performing arts career opportunities
  • Illuminate a pathway to performing arts higher education for young artists

Learn more about how SMTD Community Partnerships cultivate and steward equitable partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan.

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[email protected]
Sarah Jane Rau, Director of Engagement & Outreach
Robin Myrick, Community Engagement Programs Manager
Demetrius Shields, Community Programs Coordinator
Garrett Lefkowitz, Senior Youth & Adult Programs Manager
Dr. Leo Singer, Artistic Manager, Michigan Youth Performing Arts Pre-college
Erin Feiner, Engagement & Outreach Administrative Associate
Emma Throm, Program Registrar
Garrett Birk, MPulse Program Manager

Engagement & Outreach
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