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Michigan Artist Citizen

The Michigan Artist Citizens (MAC) program empowers SMTD students to become arts ambassadors on campus and in communities in Michigan. Michigan Artist Citizens (MACs) are a select cohort of community engaged students who serve for one year as program leaders and/or teaching artists for SMTD Community Partnerships. Each MAC has the opportunity to shape programming by contributing innovative ideas and problem solving skills to community needs. Successful MACs tend to be deeply committed to community engagement and have the energy and desire to develop and grow community programs in partnership with others.

MACs participate in training on the principles and practices for community engagement, led by community organization leaders, SMTD faculty, and expert SMTD arts engagement practitioners. Group readings, reflection and collaborative problem-solving give MACs the tools to become leaders in community arts engagement. MACs meet regularly to plan programming, report back on their progress, and reflect on their experience. The MAC program benefits SMTD students by providing: 1) opportunities to deeply engage with communities to share the love of the arts and spark creativity; 2) exploration of community issues through immersive experiences; and, 3) hands-on opportunities to develop leadership and project management skills. MACs also benefit from a wide variety of required and optional training opportunities throughout the year.

The Michigan Artist Citizen program is made possible through funding by the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation.