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Laura Hoffman, SMTD assistant dean for admissions and enrollment management, was one of the experts who talked with the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan about the class of 2025 and how they traveled a digital path to U-M as COVID-19 placed restrictions on normal application processes. Read more

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The Michigan Marching Band on the field in front of a large American flag held by service members.

This Saturday, the Michigan Marching Band will mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. “We have the largest football stadium in the world and as a performance venue it allows us to pay tribute and remember the anniversary in a unique, grand, and respectful way.” Read more.

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SMTD single tickets are now on sale for our fall performances! See the full lineup.

Become the Artist You’re Meant to Be

Choosing where you will study performing arts has never been more important. Learning to master your craft with internationally renowned artists and scholars who are not only at the top of their field, but are also great teachers, is a top priority

Spotlight On Faculty

Professor Christi-Anne Castro teaches a wide variety of musicology classes from an ethnomusicology perspective. She talks about her research, performances, and favorite baseball team. Read more

Forge Your Career

SMTD is revolutionizing the way performing arts students prepare for their careers.  We boast one of the nation’s most robust career planning and entrepreneurship programs for the performing arts—EXCEL (Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Career Empowerment & Leadership)—which includes generous funding for student ventures. We also offer a rich variety of Community Engagement programs across multiple disciplines, providing students with hands-on work experience. SMTD is empowering students to embrace a brave new world of career possibilities, and to live a fulfilling and creative life, made possible by an exceptional education.