Michigan Muse magazine

Michigan Muse is the SMTD alumni magazine, published twice annually, in winter and summer.

All alumni should receive print editions in the mail, unless they have opted out. To register or change your address, please visit the Leaders & Best Alumni & Friends page.

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Winter 2023

The Intersection of Technology and the Performing Arts

Michigan Muse Winter 2023 logo, background of a performing DJ's hands

Feature articles in this issue offer abundant examples of innovation at SMTD, from exciting endeavors in the performing arts technology department to the creative explosion in the art of screendance and so much more.

“View from the Pond” takes a look at notable recent happenings at SMTD, and updates from our community let you know what alumni, faculty, and students have been up to.

This issue was produced exclusively digitally; not available in print or PDF.

Summer 2022

Leaping into the Unknown: Reflections on Resilience and Adaptability

The feature articles in this issue explore an array of responses to changing and challenging circumstances. Whatever the catalyst for that change, these stories of resilience — on the part of individuals in the SMTD community as well as the School itself — reflect an inspiring ability to persevere, innovate, and reinvent.

Fall 2021

Celebrating the Class of 2021

This issue of Muse celebrates the SMTD Class of 2021 and who they’ve shown themselves to be: strong, passionate, creative, and incredibly talented artists and scholars.