Dan Erickson is the carpenter/artisan for the Prop Shop in charge of creating many of the wood, metal, and plastic objects needed for 10 stage performances each year, as well as instructing students on how to make specific props and other objects.  The prop shop consists of three full-time staff who also produce “soft” goods, graphics, painting, puppetry, electronics, and more.

Erickson brings to University Productions a great diversity of skills, knowledge, and experience from outside the theatre world.  Having earned a BA degree in studio art and a MS in biology/museum science, he combined these skills into a career as an exhibit preparator for natural history museums.  Erickson’s museum work can be found hanging in the Smithsonian Museum, American Museum of Natural History (in NYC), and numerous other locations across the U.S. Erickson’s summer activities (when UPROD staff are on hiatus) may include such things as fabricating specialized devices for scientists and local businesses, radio-tracking rattlesnakes, or climbing and cutting down trees and turning them into lumber for making custom furniture. He enjoys teaching students how to make things. Erickson joined University Productions in 2014.