Robin Myrick

Community Programs Manager; Lecturer


Robin’s journey began in 2008 when she joined SMTD Admissions at the University of Michigan. With a genuine passion for guiding young minds and engaging with families, Robin played a pivotal role in helping prospective students navigate the college admissions process, ensuring their dreams found a nurturing home.

In 2012, Robin’s dedication led her to embrace a new challenge as she took on the coordination of MPulse within SMTD Youth & Adult Programs. Through her thoughtful organization and unwavering support, MPulse thrived, leaving an indelible impact on the program’s success and the lives of the participants involved. In her seven-year tenure as coordinator, Robin created recruitment initiatives which greatly increased accessibility to this key pre-college resource for traditionally underrepresented students, thereby creating new pathways to admission to SMTD.

Today, as the Community Programs Manager, Robin’s commitment to the arts and community engagement shines bright. She connects SMTD students with community organizations, nurturing exciting partnerships that enable underserved communities to experience the transformative power of the arts. Programs developed and managed by Robin include the Michigan Artist Citizens program (MAC), Michigan’s Success Through Artistry and Readiness (M-STARs), JumpStart Theatre, and The Performance Outreach Series.

As an alumna of the U-M Department of Musical Theatre, Robin’s connection to the university is deeply rooted. Her journey as a performer, arts manager and teaching artist, spanning over 25 years, has allowed her to enrich the lives of countless individuals. Robin has taught K-8 music and drama for 8 years in Michigan; founded a non-profit musical theatre youth training company; and is a freelance musical theatre choreographer. Additionally, she earned an MFA in Theatre Management as a Hilberry Fellow, broadening her expertise and impact on the arts landscape.

As she proudly celebrates 15 years of service to the University of Michigan, Robin continues to pursue her personal mission of “making the joy and benefit of the arts accessible to all.”

Updated on: 10/4/2023