International Tour Opportunities – Organ

Students in the Department of Organ have the opportunity to participate in European study tours to play historic organs, study with eminent artist-teachers and perform in group recitals.  Student expenses are funded in part through fundraising recitals at area churches.

2019 Organ Study Tour to Germany

Students in the Department of Organ are invited to join us for a two-week study tour to Germany in 2019.  Tentative plans include:

  • Visits to historic organs by Schnitger, Silbermann, Trost, Ladegast and other builders
  • Masterclasses with eminent artist-teachers on Bach, Buxtehude, and 19th-c. German composers
  • Group recital of works of J.S. Bach
2017 Organ Study Tour to France
  • Visits to historic organs by Cavaillé-Coll, Clicquot, A. Silbermann and other builders in Paris, Versailles, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Ebersmunster
  • Seven masterclasses with artist-teachers including Vincent Dubois, Daniel Roth, Michel Bouvard and Marc Baumann
  • Group recital of the complete Messe pour orgue (1699) by Nicolas de Grigny on the 1732 Andreas Silbermann organ in Ebersmunster, France