School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan

Portativ Organ

Blanche Anderson Moore Hall
E.V. Moore Building

The portativ organ in Studio 2110 was a gift to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance by Dr. John F. Marschner. It was constructed in 1973 by Wendhack, Redeker & Kreuzer of Munich, Germany and is based on an instrument depicted in a painting from ca. 1500 in the collection of the Köln Museum. It consists of a single rank of principal pipes, f’-c”” (32 notes), winded by a small electric blower in the base.

The commission of this important addition to the Organ Department’s facilities was made possible in part through a generous gift from the estate of Judith Barnett Metz and Dr. Fred L. Metz. The School of Music, Theatre & Dance has named this organ the Marilyn Mason Organ, honoring Professor Mason for her many contributions to the Organ Department and the University of Michigan.