School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan


The Klop kistorgel (chest organ) is a portable instrument designed especially for continuo playing and other ensemble and chamber music uses. It was acquired in 2016 through a generous bequest from the estate of alumnus Robert L. Town.

Henk Klop, Garderen, The Netherlands, 2002

Manuaal (C-f’’’):
8’ Holtpijp
4’ Roerfluit
2’ Octaaf
1 1/3’ Quint

Stops divided treble and bass (1 1/3’ treble only)
Transposable to a = 415, 440 or 465 HZ
All wooden pipes

The commission of this important addition to the Organ Department’s facilities was made possible in part through a generous gift from the estate of Judith Barnett Metz and Dr. Fred L. Metz. The School of Music, Theatre & Dance has named this organ the Marilyn Mason Organ, honoring Professor Mason for her many contributions to the Organ Department and the University of Michigan.

Prof. Joseph Gascho with Klop kistorgel

Prof. Joseph Gascho with Klop kistorgel