Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is a perfect blend of big-city options for arts, culture, dining, and shopping combined with extensive opportunities for outdoor recreation and immersion in nature—all in what is commonly described as the quintessential college town. Convenient, frequent, and free public transportation provides students with easy access to campus, downtown, dining, shopping, and recreation venues. Discover your Ann Arbor—the lists below include just some of the ways you can complement your academic journey with enriching, fun, entertaining experiences.

Around Town

Ann Arbor is wonderfully walkable, with several distinct areas for dining, shopping, entertainment, and people watching. And while there are many familiar national favorites throughout the city, Ann Arbor is rich with unique, local offerings, including restaurants, book stores, ice creameries, and more. Main Street has a wide variety of fine dining options, performance venues, and an eclectic mix of shops, while South University offers that campus vibe with businesses that cater to students. State Street is a blend of offerings that draw both local residents and students, including two movie theatres. Kerrytown is a charming cluster of shops and eateries, and it is also home to our Farmers Market and Sunday Artisans Market. Rounding out the options for dining and shopping in Ann Arbor are several shopping centers and a mall.


Natural Spaces

With a nickname like “Tree City,” it’s no surprise that Ann Arbor has so many options for outdoor recreation. And the glaciers that moved across the area 14,000 years ago created a varied topography that ranges from flat and even in some areas to steep and hilly in others. Nichols Arboretum offers challenging, hilly trails, as well gardens on more even land, while Gallup Park has paved paths for running, walking, biking, and roller blading. The Huron River runs through many parks and there are opportunities to canoe and kayak. Farther afield, the Huron-Clinton system of metroparks expands your recreational options. The Border to Border Trail is opportunity to explore Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. 



Wander through UMMA’s collections of art from Asia, Africa, and the West, or dive into photography. Explore for billion years of life on earth at the Museum of Natural History, now housed in the U-M’s stunning new Biological Sciences Building. The male and female mastodon skeletons standing side by side are hard to miss! The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology offers another chance to step back in time with its rich collection of Classical, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern artifacts.

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Photo credits:
Ann Arbor Art Fair, credit ShootzA2 
Literati Book Store, credit Destination Ann Arbor
Nichols Arboretum peony garden, credit Michele Yanga
University of Michigan Museum of Art, credit Destination Ann Arbor