Application Deadlines for Undergraduate Admission 

The deadline for receipt of your application materials depends on the audition/interview dates available for your program. All materials, including the Common Application or Coalition Application, Artistic Profile (with prescreening and portfolio materials if required), transcripts, and test scores must be submitted in order for the review process to go forward.

October 15: Deadline for November & December auditions/interviews or Winter term admission (see below)

December 1: Deadline for January & February auditions/interviews

January 15: Deadline to submit recorded auditions via the Artistic Profile (for programs that allow it)

Additional Deadline Information

  • The December 1 deadline applies to all undergraduate applicants, including external and cross-campus transfer applicants.
  • Applicants who choose to submit a recorded audition must submit their Common Application, Coalition Application, or Cross-Campus Transfer application by December 1.

 Winter Term Admission Policies & Procedures

Although SMTD typically accepts applications only for the Fall term, there are occasionally limited openings available in the Winter term. The list of programs accepting Winter applications is finalized in September each year. Applications are due October 15, and auditions/interviews typically take place in November or early December.

Currently, the following programs will be accepting Winter 2019 applications:

  • Bachelor of Theatre Arts
  • BFA in Dance
  • BFA in Jazz Studies
  • BFA in Jazz & Contemplative Studies
  • BFA in Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
  • BFA in Theatre Design & Production
  • BM in Performance (Bassoon, Clarinet, Double Bass, French Horn, Oboe, Organ, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin)
  • BM in Music Education (Bassoon, Clarinet, Double Bass, French Horn, Oboe, Organ, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin)
  • BM in Musicology
  • BMA in Jazz Studies
  • BMA in Multidisciplinary Studies

The following programs do not accept Winter applications in any year:

  • BFA in Musical Theatre
  • BFA in Theatre Performance

Associate Professor of Music Education Kate Fitzpatrick instructing some of her students.