Non-Degree Admissions & Second Bachelor Degrees

Non-Degree Admission


Dual enrollment is a program through which high school students may enroll in college classes at the University of Michigan. The purpose of the program is to supplement and enrich the academic programs of ambitious high school students by widening their options and offering them the challenge of taking courses that are unavailable at their high schools.

If you are enrolling via the Community Resource Program, there is no cost. Otherwise, dual enrollment students pay non-degree student tuition rates based on their residency status at the Upper Division tuition rate. Although school district policies may differ, many pay part of this cost, with the student’s family paying the remainder. Books and parking are generally not covered, so be sure that you understand what the final costs are.

To apply for dual enrollment status, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.


If you wish to elect courses to increase your knowledge or improve your skills but do not wish to pursue a degree, you may apply for admission as a Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) status student. Those students who would like to enroll in an Adult Professional Development Workshop and receive graduate credit must apply under this category.

NCFD status is granted only on the basis of appropriate objectives or purposes clearly stated in the personal statement, which is submitted as part of the application. All course elections of NCFD students are subject to the availability of faculty time and classroom space. Normally, only full-time NCFD students are eligible for performance instruction. NCFD status carries no implication with respect to subsequent regular admission to any graduate program. Students seeking NCFD status must apply online using the Artistic Profile. Please provide a copy of an unofficial transcript of your prior college study in your application.

As a Non-Candidate for Degree student, tuition is assessed by the credit hour at the part-time graduate student rate. Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website to find out more about tuition.


Second Bachelor’s Degree

The University of Michigan has very strict criteria for applicants who wish to apply to U-M for a bachelor’s degree program who already have a bachelor’s degree from another institution:

  • At least two years must have passed since the student last attended college.
  • The field of study must be radically different from the original degree.
  • There must be a specific reason to pursue the degree, such as wanting to obtain this degree in order to gain admittance to graduate school.

If you fulfill these criteria, you can apply to SMTD following the procedures for Transfer Applicants. One important thing to know is that financial aid is limited to loans for second bachelor’s degree students.