It is the mission of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance to create an environment of educational and artistic excellence by nurturing creativity, academic integrity, and professionalism in its faculty and students. As a comprehensive performing arts school set in one of the world’s finest public institutions of higher education, the School is deeply engaged in the creation, practice, scholarship, and pedagogy of music, theatre, and dance. We aim to provide leadership, nationally and internationally, in all three fields. We assert and celebrate the value of the arts to the mission of the University of Michigan. We serve the community, the region, and the State of Michigan through public performances, cultural resources, arts education, and outreach programs. The School’s mission is predicated on the belief that the study and practice of the performing arts depend upon a diverse community of learning in which a spirit of social responsibility and principled entrepreneurship is fostered.

We will focus on innovation, which requires room for exploration, experimentation, and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit. As the nation’s leading research university, Michigan already fosters these values and attributes. We challenge our students and faculty to approach their art and disciplines from new directions and in new configurations.  We provide space and support for disruption and failure, knowing that creativity and growth arise from the rift between order and expectation.

We strive to make these disciplines inclusive to all who wish to participate, and to allow the transformative power of the performing arts to reach all populations and communities. We look to include of as many ideas and perspectives as possible, as it is our rich and unique individual visions that feed our collective need for art.

Excellence at SMTD requires hard work, discipline, a willingness to engage and take risks, and a constant desire to make a difference. Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 performing arts schools in the country, our School attracts both top-ranked faculty – who know they’ll do their best work here – and students, who challenge and inspire each other.

Our vision relies on the extensive and impressive resources available at U-M.  Our incredibly accomplished faculty are not just experts in their field, but dedicated teachers who routinely serve as collaborators and mentors. Special events and programs – ranging from master classes to entrepreneurship training to ensemble performances – enhance our students’ experience.  Our School also includes notable research centers, state-of-the-art technological studios, and a collection of hallowed performance spaces.  As part of a public university, we are inspired by the great works produced campus wide, and benefit from the tradition of excellence which encourages bold ideas for the public good.