Fuente Ovejuna

Fuente Ovejuna

(Murder by everyone and no one)

by Lope de Vega, adapted by Adrian Mitchell

Department of Theatre & Drama
December 4-7, 2014 • Power Center

The Story: Based on an actual event in 15th century Spain, the drama tells the story of the heroism of a small, rural town called Fuente Ovejuna (pronounced “fwentay ovah-huna”). Set in the midst of a dynastic power struggle for the crown of Castile in 1476, Fuente Ovejuna is run by a rapacious and cruel overlord, Commander Guzmán. The villagers endure the atrocities carried out by Guzmán and his men until one day he goes too far – kidnapping the mayor’s daughter, Laurencia, and her fiancé on their wedding day. Escaping Guzmán’s clutches, Laurencia galvanizes the town to finally extract their revenge on the fiend. However, killing a nobleman carries a penalty and authorities are sent in to punish the offenders. In a show of solidarity, the villagers find a unique way to thwart their inquisitors and declare their loyalty to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Background: Often called the “Spanish Shakespeare,” Lope de Vega (1562-1635) was one of the most celebrated and prolific dramatists of the Spanish Golden Age. In Fuente Ovejuna, written in 1612, Lope gives a voice to the people, attributing to them a collective power unheard of for his time. British playwright Adrian Mitchell’s vivid 1989 translation/adaption of the play for the National Theatre played to great acclaim. The London Financial Times called the play “…one of the least known famous titles in the world repertoire…it seizes one’s attention from the start and never lets go.” An incredibly stirring work, Fuente Ovejuna remains a rallying cry for communal courage.

Artistic Staff

Director: Robert Chapel
Scenic Designer: Vincent Mountain
Costume Designer: Jessica Hahn
Lighting Designer: Joseph Appelt
Sound Designer: Henry Reynolds
Music Director/Composer/Arranger: Catherine A. Walker
Wig & Makeup Designer: Dawn Rivard
Fight Choreographer: Robert Najarian
Diction Coach: Annette Masson
Choreographer: Regan Moro
Dramaturg: Jessica Shiermeister
Stage Manager: Jean-Luc DeLadurantaye


Commander Fernándo Gómez de Guzmán: Ben Reitemeier
Captain Flores: Ian Johnston
Sergeant Ortuno: Lucas Kane
Grand Master Rodrigo Téllez Girón: Robert O’Brien
Soldier #1: Phil Rice
Soldier #2: David Newman
Soldier #3: Brooks Inciardi
Laurencia, the daughter of the Mayor: Teagan Rose
Pascuala: Elana Gantman
Jacinta: Cayley Costello
Frondoso, Laurencia’s fiancé: Kevin Corbett
Mengo: Keem Avraham
Barrildo: Eric Myrick II
Juan Rojo/Guitarist: Caleb Foote
Esteban, Mayor of Fuenteovejuna: Avery DiUbaldo
Alonso: Josh Aber
Leonelo/Drum: Will Ropp
Cimbranos/Townsman: Zachary Levine
Father Oliver: Oren Steiner
Queen Isabella of Castile: Liz Raynes
King Ferdinand of Aragón: Matthew Provenza
Don Gómez Manrique: Jackson Knight Pierce
1st Alderman/Townsman: Jordan Rich
2nd Alderman/Violinist: Sten Eikrem
Farmer: Samuel Kassover
Townswoman/Cello/Mandolin: Annamarie Kasper
Townswoman/Tambourine/Drum: Larissa Marten
Townswomen: Alexandra DeMaio, Katherine Kelley, Delaney Moro, Regan Moro
Children: Helena Marano, Sanou N’Diaye
Boys Voice: August Westphal




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November 14, 2018