a drama by José Rivera

Department of Theatre & Drama
April 3-13, 2014 • Arthur Miller Theatre

The Story: A young Latina named Marisol leads an undistinguished life in Manhattan, copy editing for a textbook publisher. Everything changes abruptly when her guardian angel tells her the heavens are in an uproar. God has become senile and a celestial civil war is about to commence, starting in the streets of Brooklyn. The world is turned on its side: food turns to salt, men give birth, and the sun fails to rise. Marisol faces a decision: join the revolution or be swallowed up in the apocalypse.

Background: Marisol employs the concept of magic realism – an intertwining of ordinary events with dreams and fantasy. Influenced by the work of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, playwright José Rivera imbues the play with intense physical action and vibrant, sardonic dialogue. Marisol debuted at the 1992 Humana Festival for New American Plays. Born in Puerto Rico and growing up in New York, Rivera first came to prominence with his play The House of Ramon Iglesia, which was later shown on PBS. Marisol, his fourth play, earned Rivera his first Obie Award for Playwriting in 1993. A gritty but beautiful tale of one woman’s struggle to retain hope and sanity in the midst of devastation, Marisol is a triumph of the human spirit.

Artistic Staff

Director: Linda Goodrich
Violence Director: Robert Najarian
Scenic Designer: Vincent Mountain
Costume Designer: Kelsey A. Socha
Lighting Designer: Jenn Jacobs
Sound Designer: Henry Reynolds
Makeup Designer: Alyssa Battersby
Vocal Coach: Annette Masson
Assistant Director: Héctor Flores Komatsu
Stage Manager: Angela Alvarez


Angel: Melissa Golliday
Marisol: Samantha Rehr
Man with Golf Club/Homeless Person: Caleb Foote
Subway Announcer/Voice 3/Homeless Person/Percussionist: Phil Rice
Voice 1/Homeless Person: Tara Stallion
Voice 2/Homeless Person: Larissa Marten
Man with Ice Cream/Homeless Person: Lucas Kane
June: Nicole Gellman
Lenny: Tyler Dean
Radio Announcer/Homeless Person: Jordan Rich
Man with Scar Tissue/Homeless Person: Robert O’Brien
Woman with Furs/Homeless Person: Emily Shimskey




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November 19, 2018