Adam R. Lenhart

Undergraduate Major

Music Theory

[email protected]

Adam Lenhart is a student of music theory, composition, voice and organ from Ottawa Lake, Michigan. As a theorist, his areas of study vary widely, including 18th century counterpoint, the early American Sacred Harp tradition, impressionism and 1960s psychedelic music. Lenhart also enjoys researching the timeline of music to view the consistencies and changes in various musical elements throughout history. As a composer, his music draws inspiration from nature, mathematics and poetry. In 2020 he was awarded the Michigan Music Education Association’s Young Composers of Michigan award, as well as first prize in the University of Toledo Young Composers competition. Lenhart has also participated in numerous ensembles across Michigan, including the MYAF All-State Choir, Tecumseh Pops Orchestra, University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club and the SMTD University Choir.

He thoroughly enjoys collaboration with other composers, performers, poets and visual artists. Some of his recent projects include collaborations with individuals from the University of Michigan Chamber Music, History, and English Language and Literature departments.

Outside of music, he enjoys reading, gardening and exploring the outdoors. He also continues a family tradition of making handmade cards, which he gives out to collaborators, performers and friends.


Youtube Channel/Recordings:
Instagram: @Adam_Lenhart_