Michigan Muse Magazine

Fall 2016

Message from the Dean

“…although the performing arts were not a formal part of U-M’s curriculum during its earliest years, they have been an intrinsic part of the University’s culture from the start.”

After many years of planning and anticipation, the University of Michigan is poised to celebrate its bicentennial, which begins in January and will be observed throughout 2017. It’s going to be an incredible year of festivals, colloquia, and more, and the School of Music, Theatre & Dance will play a major role, as it so often does at the University’s most important events.

Our Collage concert on January 14, with a bicentennial theme, will be one of the first celebrations on the bicentennial event calendar. Collage will also pay tribute to Emeritus Professor of Conducting Gustav Meier, who passed away earlier this year. In 1977, Professor Meier created Collage, which has since become a favorite annual tradition. We look forward to honoring this great artist and teacher, and kicking off the bicentennial with a classic Collage lineup of exceptional virtuosity.

SMTD will again be in the bicentennial spotlight on April 8 for one of the most high-profile events of the coming year: ”True Blue: A Tribute to Michigan,” at Hill Auditorium (see p. 19). Our students, faculty, and alumni—including Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones—are the engine behind this special presentation, in which music, theatre, and dance will lead the telling of our beloved institution’s story. I am so proud of the important contribution that SMTD is making to this once-in-a-lifetime event, proving yet again how indispensable the performing arts are on our campus.

As you’ll learn from our cover story, although the performing arts were not a formal part of U-M’s curriculum during its earliest years, they have been an intrinsic part of the University’s culture from the start. And from the time performing arts courses were first offered—with music, 137 years ago—we have seen exponential growth, not only in the size of our student body and faculty, but in the breadth of degree programs, concentrations, research, ensembles, and opportunities of so many kinds. We have metamorphosed, too, from a relatively homogenous faculty and student body to being truly diverse and multicultural, representing the full breadth of our society, and we take great pride today in having one of the highest concentrations of underrepresented minorities amongst all U-M schools and colleges.

Embedding a performing arts school within a top research university, and allowing it to grow and flourish, was a brilliant experiment that has born rich rewards. It has proven how fruitful the synergies are between the arts, sciences, and other disciplines; it has provided SMTD students with unparalleled opportunities for academic, personal, and professional growth; and it has given the campus and community inspirational performances and an enviable creative culture that has contributed so powerfully to Michigan’s great legacy.

I hope you will be able to join us for all or some of the many festivities that will take place in the coming year, and I urge you to visit the beautiful bicentennial website (bicentennial/, which contains a wealth of information on Michigan’s history and heritage, and how it will be celebrated in the months ahead. Happy Birthday University of Michigan, and Go Blue!


Aaron Dworkin, Dean
Paul Boylan Collegiate Professor of Music
School of Music, Theatre & Dance

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