Michigan Muse Magazine

Spring 2020 – Commencement Edition Issue:
  • Johanna Kepler – 2020 Student Commencement Speaker
  • Jacob Ryan Smith – Albert Stanley Medal

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  1. SMTD Announces Live and In-Person Season of Ticketed Performances

    The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance today announced its intention to return to produce live performances with the 2021-22 production season. Featuring ten fully-staged productions and one studio production, the season will run from September 30 through April 17. Information regarding performances by the major ensembles—including the annual Grand Night for…

  2. Prof. Timothy Cheek is seated at a piano while Leonardo De Lisi stands beside him instructing a female student.

    Timothy Cheek’s Virtual Exchanges Create a Bridge Between His Italian Diction Students and their Italian Peers

    In early 2020, Professor Timothy Cheek embarked on an ambitious plan to set up virtual masterclasses for his Italian Diction students in collaboration with a music conservatory in Florence, Italy. Italian diction is one of the most difficult singing languages for English speakers to master and requires the most coaching time. Cheek was convinced his…

  3. Torres named 2021 Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award recipient

    Javier Torres, a senior in violin performance, was named the 2021 Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award recipient by the Theodore Presser Foundation. Through the generosity of the Presser Foundation, this award is given annually to one SMTD undergraduate student for their musical and academic merit. Torres, who studies violin under Professor Danielle Belén, will be awarded…

  4. Three SMTD Graduate Students Awarded Anti-Racism Grants

    The Anti-Racism Collaborative, administered by the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID), awarded three summer research grants to SMTD graduate students Marjoris Regus (PhD, Music Education), Imani Ma’At AnkhmenRa Amen Taylor (MFA ’21, dance), and Samantha Williams (SM ’22, voice). The Rackham Graduate School is co-sponsoring 21 awards across U-M totaling $99,825 in support for…

  5. Prof. Timothy Cheek gives us an in-depth look at UMSO’s new CD

    On June 25, Naxos released a new album Waving Farewell featuring the works of Vítězslava Kaprálová and recorded by the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra (UMSO), under conductor Professor Kenneth Kiesler as part of U-M’s Kaprálová Festival. The album features tenor Nicholas Phan (BM ’01, voice) and SMTD Professor Amy I-Lin Cheng (piano). The UMSO recorded the album…