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Dancing in Memory Burning

Department of Dance
February 1 – February 4, 2024 • The Power Center for the Performing Arts

The Department of Dance presents Dancing in Memory Burning, February 1- 7:30, February 2 & 3- 8pm and February 4- 2pm at The Power Center for the Performing Arts.
Four internationally recognized choreographers, in collaboration with the BFA and MFA students in the Department of Dance, premiere original works of choreography.

Rosanna Tavarez – Rules of Interaction
Charli Brissey – Time is a Thing a Body Moves Through
Kyunghwa Hong – Home Beyond the Mountains
Ananya Chatterjea – Habibi Bhumi

In each of the four dances, a throughline of embodied mapping and memory is etched and revealed, even as each work offers a profoundly unique vision. With palpable force, the dancers are propelled by distinct questions and burning desires. How memories travel through time and bodies—how they are unfixed and fallible, how they destroy and heal, and implicate uncertain futures, is a shared thread. Rosanna Tavarez is on the dance faculty at California Institute of the Arts and is a BFA alum of the U-M Dance department.

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Creative Team

Artistic Director
Amy Chavasse

Choreographers (in performance order)
Rosanna Tavarez
+, Charli Brissey,
Kyunghwa Hong
+, Ananya Chatterjea+

Rehearsal Directors
Jen Peters, Marly Spieser-Schneider, Elisandra Rosario

Lighting Designers
Mary Cole, Abi Farnsworth

Costume Designer
Lauren Gaston

Scenic Designers
Jungah Han, Kevin Judge

Hair and Makeup Designer
Brittney Crinson

Resident Intimacy Choreographer and Cultural Consultant
Raja Benz

Production Stage Manager
Michelle Elias

+SMTD Guest

SMTD Student

Production Crew

1st ASM Alena Serrano

Videographer Sly Pup Productions

Sound Engineer Al Hurschman

Head Electrician Miles Zoellick

Deck Carpenter Heather Udowitz

Shop Crews

Costumes  Sammer Ali, Katy Dawson, Maya Liu, Aspen Kinomoto, Esmay Pricejones, Kayti Sanchez, Ellie Van Engen, Maddie Vassalo, Summer Wasung, Emily Weddle & Theatre 250/252/262 students

Theatrical Lighting Shira Baker, Abi Farnsworth, Sydney Geysbeek, Ethan Hoffman, Elianna Kruskal, Brandon Malin, Megan Mondek, Christian Mulville, Gabriela Ribeiro Znamensky, Kathleen Stanton-Sharpless, William Webster, Andrew Wilson, Miles Zoellick & Theatre 250/252/262 students

Painting  Ellie Vice (Lead), Seri Stewart (Lead), Bella Rowlinson, Martha Sprout, Angela Wu, Amber Walters, Gilayah McIntosh, Lauren Streng, Ceri Roberts & Theatre 250/252/262 students

Props  Eliza Anker, Danielle Bekas, Andy Blatt, Madysen Casey, Aquila Ewald, Dallas Fadul, Audrey Hollenbaugh, Lucy Knas, Teresa Morales, Charlotte Stallings, Audrey Tieman, Banks Krause & Theatre 250/252/262 students

Scenery  Marium Asghar,  Anna Forberg, Miles Hionis, Hannah Kryzhan, Michael Russell, Sophia Severance, Lauren Streng, Eliza Vassalo, Nathaniel Steever, Robert Beckemeyer,& Theatre 250/252/262 students

Production Office  Justin Comini, Shelby Holloway, Esther Hwang

Running Crew

Deck Crew Abigail Aziz, Brooke Galsky, Katherine Kiessling

Light Board Operator Yue (Brenda) Cai

Sound Operator Martha Sprout

Wardrobe Crew Maya Liu^, Rachel Pfeil, Abby Widlak

^Crew Head

Design & Production Faculty Advisors

Head of Design & Production  Christianne Myers

Stage Management  Nancy Uffner

Scenic Design  Jungah Han, Kevin Judge

Costume Design  Christianne Myers, Sarah M. Oliver

Lighting Design  Jess Fialko

Sound Design  Henry Reynolds

Staff Mentors

Laura Brinker, Brittany Crinson, Heather Hunter, Chad Hain, Richard W. Lindsay Jr., Beth Sandemaier

Department of Dance


David Gier, Dean

Paul Boylan Collegiate Professor of Music

Department of Dance


Christian Matijas-Mecca

Administrative Specialist

Katie Gunning

Media Consultant

Sean Hoskins


Marwan Amen-Ra, Missy Beck, Charli Brissey, Amy Chavasse, Mary Cole, Fabio DaCunha, Krisilyn “Tony” Frazier, Shannon Gillen, Jillian Hopper, Slavka Jelinkova, Angela Kane, Fangfei Miao, GingerAnn Neslund, Judy Rice, Stephen J. Rush, Kristen Schuyten, Biza Sompa, Amy West, Khita Whyatt, Robin Wilson

University Productions Administrative Staff

Executive Director
Jeffrey Kuras

Sr Administrative Specialist
Christine Eccleston

Sr Administrative Assistant
Nathan Carrillo

Information Systems Manager
Henry Reynolds

Facilities Manager
Shannon Rice

Performance Halls
House Manager
Kelley Krahn

Lead Backstage Operations Manager
Dane Racicot

Senior Backstage Operations Manager
David Pickell

Backstage Operations Managers
Tiff Crutchfield, Alex Gay, Yvette Kashmer, Robbie Kozub

University Productions Production Staff

Production Manager

Paul Hunter

Assistant Production Manager

Michelle Williams-Elias

Lead Technical Director (Walgreen)

Richard W. Lindsay Jr.

Theatrical Scenery Manager (Power)

Chad Hain

Lead Scenic Carpenter

Devin Miller

Scenic Carpenter

Heather Udowitz

Charge Scenic Artist

Beth Sandmaier

Associate Theatrical Paint Manager

Madison Stinemetz

Theatrical Properties Manager

Patrick A. Drone

Associate Theatrical Properties Manager

Danielle Keys

Senior Properties Artisan

Dan Erickson

Properties Stock and Tech Coordinator

Kat Kreutz

Theatrical Lighting Manager

Heather Hunter

Associate Theatrical Lighting Manager

Jorrey Calvo

Sound Designer/Engineer

Henry Reynolds

Senior Costume Shop Manager

Laura Brinker

Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Leslie Ann Smith

Lead Cutter/Draper

Tj Williamson


Seth Gilbert, Sarah Havens


Rene Plante, Marcia Grace

Lead Costume Crafts Artisan

Elizabeth Gunderson

Costume Stock Manager

Theresa Hartman

Wardrobe Manager

Rossella Human

Visiting Theatrical Hair and Makeup Manager

Brittany Crinson

About the Performances

rules of interaction, Rosanna Tavarez

Concept and Direction
Rosanna Tavarez

Rosanna Tavarez with cast

Rehearsal Director
Jen Peters

Lighting Designer
Mary Cole

Scenic Designer
Kevin Judge

Sound Score Designer
Justin Scheid

Sound Score Elements
“Theory of Machines” composed by Ben Frost, text from “Who Controls the World” TED Talk by James B. Glattfelder

Anastasia Bredikhina, Ruby Clay, Audrey De Guia, Rachel Dunklee, Alyssa Hernandez, Chloe Kim, Kate Mitchell, Melisa Orduna, Madison Rogers, Claire Schick, Amelie Vidrio, Caitlyn Wade, Mya Waple, Olivia Weber

Time is a Thing a Body Moves Through, Charli Brissey

Charli Brissey

Rehearsal Director
Elisandra Rosario

Lighting Designer
Abi Farnsworth

Sound Designer
Charli Brissey w/ samples from Louise Morrisey, Missy Elliot, Ka Baird, Swamp Dogg, and Sigma

Gabriella Boutiette, Anabelle Chalmers, Zamora Tamminga, Annie Laforet, Madison Rogers, Ladina Schaller, Amelie Vidrio

Director’s Note

The title of this work is in reference to an essay by T. Fleischmann of an almost identical title, “Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through.” I attempted to design the structure of this dance based on my non-linear, striated, and occasionally gut-wrenching experience of reading this text.

Thank you to these dancers for showing up so fully to each rehearsal, and for trusting me enough to go (and stay) on this ride together. I am in awe of each of you.

Thank you to other artists whose past collaborations and conversations have also made this work possible: Elisandra Rosario, Felix Cruz, jess pretty, Jennifer Monson, and Jess Fialko.

Home Beyond the Mountains, Kyungwha Hong

Kyunghwa Hong

Lighting Designer
Abi Farnsworth

Scenic Designer
Jungah Han

Composer & Sound Designer
Junyoung Park

Paige Ashley, Alexandra Baron, Anastasia Bredikhina, Mia Brooks, Robert Farr-Jones, Mary Kacsur, Irene Kim, Megan Piagentini, Caitlyn Wade, Kaitlyn Wilson

Director’s Note

I believe that everyone is living a life of challenges and overcoming in order to find the invisible home beyond the mountain (dreams, hopes, oneself). I hope that the challenges and obstacles that come to you will give you even greater strength, through the helping hands of others. I hope you will continue to search for the home beyond the mountain, which is still unseen. I am grateful for the dedication and artistry of the dancers who have inspired me. I also express my gratitude to Kwangmin Kim, Jungah Han, and Junyoung Park, who have helped me shine in my work. Additionally, thank you to the dance department for giving me an unforgettable opportunity.

Habibi Bhumi / Beloved Land (2024), Ananya Chatterjea

Concept and Choreography
Ananya Chatterjea

Music composed by
Greg Schutte

Vocals by
Aida Shaghasemi, Pooja Goswami Pavan, and Shubha Mudgal

Film by
Darren Johnson

Rehearsal Director
Marly Spieser-Schneider

Lighting Designer
Mary Cole

Gloria Sitsope Ahlijah, Ava Garland, Ginny Jiang, Sreya Muthukumar, Zeenia Shahpurwala, Najah Tucker

Director’s Note

Habibi Bhumi /Beloved Land (2024) is a tribute to Palestinian writer and educator Refaat Alareer, who shared his widely acclaimed poem “If I must die / you must live / to tell my story” via social media on November 1, 2023.

Alareer was killed by an airstrike on December 6, 2023.

Over a century ago, Jamaican-American poet Claude McKay, celebrated figure of the Harlem Renaissance, had published his poem, “If we must die” in the journal The Liberator.

May light prevail!


Welcome to the Department of Dance’s annual Power Center show, Dancing in Memory Burning. Four internationally recognized choreographers, in collaboration with the BFA and MFA students in the Department of Dance, premiere original works of choreography. Artistic Director is my title for this gig, but I think a more apt title would be Artistic Co-Conspirator. It’s been my great pleasure and honor to have witnessed these remarkable artists create these dance works with our phenomenally talented dancers.

In each of the four dances, a throughline of embodied mapping and memory is etched and revealed, even as each work offers a profoundly unique vision. With palpable force, the dancers are propelled by questions and burning desires. How memories travel through time and bodies—how they are unfixed and fallible, how they destroy and heal, and implicate uncertain futures, is a shared thread. The questions lead us backwards through time, towards recollections of home, and forward towards a glimpse of a fragile future.

The opening image reveals a vertical surface for the dancers to launch themselves into space and into a consideration of tactical interactions and entanglements. Slippery narratives come and go, caught up in currents of time. Listen as the music ricochets across the stage, and for stories of home that may sound familiar, or shake loose a forgotten image.

And finally, the stage darkens. The footfalls continue to hold us in time, and the breathing of the dancers extinguishes into silence leaving a mark of absence . We are left in the company of our burning thoughts. It is a journey that asks for accountability, while offering possibility.

Thank you for joining us for Dancing in Memory Burning.

~Amy Chavasse

The performers in this production were students in the Department of Dance. The designers for this production were students, faculty, and/or guests of SMTD. Scenery, costumes, properties, sound, and lighting were realized by the students and staff of University Productions, the producing unit of the SMTD. Thank you for supporting our educational mission.


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