Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater
Book by Doug Wright

Department of Musical Theatre
April 13-16, 2017 • Power Center

Fathoms below, a curious young mermaid named Ariel wants to experience life on land. Forbidden contact with humans by her father King Triton, Ariel contents herself by collecting artifacts that have fallen from ships and watching from afar. Spying a royal ship, Ariel rises to the surface in time to save Prince Eric when he falls overboard in a storm. Immediately smitten, she yearns to defy her father to be with Eric. Enter her Aunt Ursula, the sea witch who is willing to help for her own nefarious means. In exchange for Ariel’s voice, Ursula will grant Ariel legs for 72-hours to earn true love’s kiss. Meanwhile, Eric is searching for the girl with the beautiful voice who saved him. Accompanied by Triton’s right hand man, the lobster Sebastian, Ariel sets off to win her man. As the two youngsters get to know each other, will their love be able to transcend the obstacles set in their path in time?

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fable and the hit 1989 Disney film, A Little Mermaid arrived on Broadway in 2008. The musical includes all the fabulous music from the film by eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyrics by the late Howard Ashman, including “Part of Your World,” “Under the Sea,” and “Kiss the Girl.” The stage adaptation features a book by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Doug Wright (I Am My Own Wife) and ten additional songs by Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. Filled with clever lyrics, unforgettable music, and colorful imagery, A Little Mermaid is an enchanting tale for everyone who yearns to follow their heart.

Artistic Staff

Director/Choreographer: Linda Goodrich
Music Director/Conductor: Cynthia Kortman Westphal
Scenic Designer: J Branson
Costume Designer: George Bacon
Lighting Designer: Janak Jha
Sound Designer: Al Hurschman
Wig & Makeup Designer: Whitney Mueller
Puppet Design: Sarah Norton
Dialect Coach: Annette Masson
Stage Manager: Nicholas Shafer


Ariel, a mermaid, King Triton’s youngest daughter: Halli Toland
Pilot, helmsman of Price Eric’s ship: Kyle McClellan
Prince Eric, a human monarch: Trevor Carr
Grimsby, guardian of Prince Eric: Elliott Styles
Flounder, a fish and Ariel’s best friend: Matthew Kemp
Scuttlle, a seagull and self-proclaimed expert on human artifacts: Barrett Riggins

Mersisters, the daughters of King Triton and Ariel’s sisters
Aquata: Jordyn Norkey
Andrina: Natalie Duncan
Arista: Alyah Scott
Atina: McKenzie Kurtz
Adella: Isabel Stein
Allana: Leanne Antonio

King Triton, the King of the Sea and Ariel’s father: Jordan Samuels
Sebastian, a crab and advisor to King Triton: Liam Allen
Flotsam, an electric eel and Ursula’s lackey: Aidan Ziegler-Hansen
Jetsam, an electric eel and Ursula’s lackey: Simon Longnight
Ursula, the Sea Witch, sister of King Triton: Sarah Lynn Marion
Chef Louis, the Palace chef, a culinary perfectionist: Sam Hamashima
Ensemble: Leanne Antonio, Blake Bojewski, Cydney Clark, Spencer Croy, Natalie Duncan, Jess Gomes-Ng, Sam Hamashima, McKenzie Kurtz, Kyle McClellan, Devon McCleskey, Jordyn Norkey, Commodore Primous III, Aaron Robinson, Peter Scattini, Alyah Scott, Matt Sena, Isabel Stein, Kat Ward, Chris Washington, Nina White, Lake Wilburn, Audrey Rose Young
Swing: Daniel Schwartzberg





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November 6, 2018