All My Sons

All My Sons

a drama by Arthur Miller

Department of Theatre & Drama
October 8-15, 2015 • Arthur Miller Theatre

Inspired by true events, All My Sons is story of a successful self-made businessman, Joe Keller, who sold the government defective airplane parts during WWII. The blame for the subsequent death of 21 airmen fell on his partner, with Joe exonerated for the crime. Now, after the war, Joe and his wife Kate live with the ghosts of the past – especially the status of their oldest son Larry, missing in action and presumed dead by all but his mother. Eager to move on with his life, their youngest son Chris prepares to propose to the woman he loves – Larry’s ex-fiancée. In what becomes a day of reckoning, devastating truths emerge about honesty, social responsibility, and the cost of the American dream.

After his first foray on Broadway failed miserably; Arthur Miller seriously considered giving up writing. He set his sights on his next play to decide his fate. Fortunately for the literary world All My Sons was an immediate hit; establishing Miller as a leading voice in the theatre. The debut of Death of a Salesman just two years later would cement his place as a preeminent American playwright. All My Sons earned Miller his first of three Tony Awards along with the 1947 Drama Critics Award for Best Play. In dual celebration of the centenary of Miller’s birth and 100 years of theatre at the University of Michigan, the Dept. of Theatre & Drama presents this searing drama featuring an all-alumni creative team paired with current students.

Artistic Staff

Director: Wendy C. Goldberg
Scenic Designer: Caleb Levengood
Costume Designer: Taran Miller Zackrison
Lighting Designer: Christian DeAngelis
Sound Designer: Henry Reynolds
Vocal Coach: Annette Masson
Stage Manager: Eleanor Howell-Shyrock


Joe Keller, a businessman: Benjamin David Reitemeier
Kate Keller, his wife: Regan Moro
Chris Keller, Joe’s older son: Ryan Rosenheim
Ann Deever, Larry Keller’s former fianceé: Madeline Rouverol
George Deever, Ann’s brother: Jordan Rich
Dr. Jim Bayliss, a neighbor: Eric Myrick II
Sue Bayliss, his wife: Rebecca Gordon
Frank Lubey, a neighbor: Samuel Bell-Gurwitz
Lydia Lubey, his wife: Savannah Rounds
Bert, a child in the neighborhood: Connor Casey




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October 16, 2018