Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Department of Theatre & Drama
February 10-13, 2005 • Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Written around 1594, Romeo and Juliet has been a favorite of audiences for over 400 years. Two young people, kept apart by their feuding families, decide to take fate into their own hands and pursue their love. However circumstances conspire to thwart their efforts as missed chances, poor timing, and mistakes prevent the lovers from finding happiness and tragedy ensues. As their families unite, finally, in sorrow, the sacrifice of the lovers is a haunting reminder of the powerful force of love. The play has inspired over 20 film adaptations, two operas, a Broadway musical, and countless dance interpretations, each finding new ways to interpret the classic tale.

Director Philip Kerr sets the production in 1930s Italy. “Romeo and Juliet is about the young,” states Kerr. “I wanted to set the play in the past, but not too distant a past so that our student actors would have references to the period. By choosing the 1930s, we refer to an era where conflict and the elements of social change are similar to today yet still set apart from modern circumstance.” The time period is emphasized primarily in the costume design with additional references in the scenery through posters from the era. The youth of the characters is also expressed in the costumes, with the use of school uniforms and varying school badges to differentiate between the feuding houses.

Artistic Staff

Director: Philip Kerr
Assistant Director: Sarah-Jane Gwillim
Scenic Designer: Janine L. Woods
Costume Designer: Rachel Kurland
Lighting Designer: Anup Aurora
Fight Choreographer: Erik Fredricksen
Choreographer: Erin Farrell
Original Music: James Kerr
Stage Manager: Joe Schlenke


Chorus (La Sonnetina): Maureen Sebastian

Escalus, Prince of Verona: De’Lon Grant
Mercutio, his kinsman, a friend of Romeo: Edmund Alyn Jones
The County Paris, another kinsman, suitor to Juliet: Matthew Coyle
Anselmo, Bishop: Sharif Nasr
Martino, a cafe owner: Kevin Kuczek
Emilia, of the cafe: Anna Heinl
Lady Vitruvio, a lady of Verona: Kirsten Mara Benjamin
Officer: James Wolk
Guard: Eric Schinzer

Montague, head of a noble family in Verona: David Abed
Lady Montague, his wife: Karenanna Creps
Romeo, his son: Chris Allen
Benvolio, a friend of Romeo: Rob Sulaver
Valentine, a friend to Romeo: Justin Patrick Holmes

Capulet, head of a noble family in Verona: Adam H. Caplan
Lady Capulet, his wife: Joanna Fetter
Juliet, his daughter: Anika Solveig
Rosaline, a friend of Juliet: Rachael Soglin
Helena, a friend of Juliet: Kate Binkow
Livia, a friend of Juliet: Mikala Bierma
Tybalt, Lady Capulet’s nephew: Nathan Petts
Petruchio, a friend of Tybalt: Adam Miller-Batteau
Nurse, to Juliet: Elizabeth Hoyt
Peter, servant of Capulet: Kevin Buchman

Father Lawrence: J. Theo Klose
Father John, a teacher: Nathan Ciccolo
Sister Isabella, a teacher: Chelsea O’Connor


The School of Music acknowledges the generosity of McKinley Associates, Inc. whose support has helped make this production possible.




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January 22, 2019