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“Tidal Sirens” – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Senior Concert

April 11, 2024 | 8:00 pm

Dance Performance Studio Theatre
Dance Building
1000 Baits Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Free - Tickets Required

The University of Michigan School of Music Theater & Dance and the Department of Dance present Tidal Sirens, a Bachelor of Fine Arts dance concert featuring choreography and performances by graduating seniors Joelie Havey, Kali Hightower, Alana Packo, and Caitlyn Wade.

Free tickets are available at the door starting one hour before the performance.

Joelie Havey abstractly shares the story of her grandparents’ current mental and physical challenges and the impact these two important individuals had on her teen years and early twenties through her choreography.

Kali Hightower’s piece Terms and Conditions unravels the masked layers of media influence, examining how society’s view is shaped and often distorted by the screen. The piece seeks to challenge the audience to question the authenticity of their perceptions and the information they consume daily. Her solo, Bluffs serves as a profound reflection of her life’s journey, encapsulating the valuable lessons she has garnered at every significant milestone.

Caitlyn Wade’s Rage Rage, is a dance depicting a hypothetical desolate, isolated planet which houses recently deceased mythological humans. Which of these beings are then guided to their permanent residence among the stars? And which of these beings will remain on the planet, not worthy of an honor in the sky? The answer is yet to come. Wade’s solo, included within her group work, follows the same theme, and focuses on a lesser-known Greek mythological character – Boreas, who, after death, became a lost asteroid that probes and orbits the lonesome outskirts of the universe, reflecting the complexity of the emotions surrounding ideas of isolation, abandonment, and self-worth.

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