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Sis-ilia Trio

Lunar New Year Piano Concert Series

February 5, 2024 | 8:00 pm

Stamps Auditorium
Walgreen Drama Center
1226 Murfin Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Free - no tickets required

Sis-ilia Trio, comprised of Doctoral Candidates in Piano Performance at the University of Michigan, Hyerim Lee, Khanh Nhi Luong, and Jasmine Lucia Wong (Performance & Pedagogy) shared many special memories at the Sicily International Piano Festival in Italy 2023. Bound by their love for music, these three friends found themselves drawn to performing together for different audiences.

The Lunar New Year Piano Concert Series shows one of the ways Sis-ilia Trio is dedicated to the pursuit of musical appreciation. This newly established cultural concert series is dedicated to the celebration of diverse East Asian traditions through the integrated performance of folk music-inspired compositions hailing from Korea, Vietnam, and China beginning in February, the month of Lunar New Year. Fueled by their shared passion, the trio envisioned a piano concert series that would spotlight the folk songs of their respective homelands. In this collaborative venture, Hyerim, Nhi, and Jasmine aim to weave a musical tapestry that transcends borders. The piano concert series serves as a celebration of the diverse folk traditions that have shaped their identities. Join Sis-ilia Trio on a captivating journey through the melodies of East Asia, as they harmonize cultural richness with musical elements.

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