Specialist in Music in Collaborative Piano

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Designed for students seeking thorough preparation for careers as chamber musicians, accompanists, teachers and vocal coaches. Applicants must possess a master’s degree in piano or its equivalent, substantial solo and ensemble repertoire, and elementary proficiency in one (Program I) or two (Program II) languages.

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The Specialist in Music in Collaborative Piano requires a minimum of 30 credits. Two programs are available to students, coursework to include:

Program I (Collaborative Piano): one-on-one piano instruction; Seminar in Performance Issues; courses in Piano Literature and Chamber Music; other electives. The presentation of two recitals will be required for graduation.

Program II (Vocal Accompanying and Coaching): one-on-one piano instruction; Seminar in Performance Issues; courses in Voice Literature; Opera or Opera Workshop; other electives.

Final Project:

The presentation of two recitals will be required for graduation. Proficiency in diction and translation of a third standard foreign language will also be required for graduation.

Silent Advisor

Degree requirements and term-by-term layout for current students.


Martin Katz

G. Koldofsky Distinguished University Professor; Earl V. Moore Collegiate Professor in Music; Artur Schnabel Collegiate Professor in Piano
Collaborative Piano

Performance Opportunities

From large ensembles in celebrated concert halls to chamber groups in intimate recital spaces, performance opportunities across all disciplines abound, with nearly 900 student performances each academic year. Whether your focus is on early, classical, or contemporary music, whether your passion is for jazz, electronic, or world music, there is an ensemble—or in many cases, multiple ensembles—to suit your interests, including specific opportunities for percussion, piano, and organ & carillon. For students in theatre & drama, musical theatre, dance, and opera, opportunities abound in both professionally produced and student-run presentations.



Across all disciplines, students perform and study with their peers in studio classes and perform for the public in solo student recitals and studio recitals.


Collaborative Piano

Collaborative Piano students work with vocalists and instrumentalists throughout SMTD.

Chamber Music

Chamber Music

The thriving chamber music scene at SMTD offers students nearly limitless options to perform, innovate, and collaborate in small, self-driven, and diverse ensembles.

Large Ensembles

Large Ensembles

SMTD ensembles offer numerous concerts each season, performing notable works in the traditional canon as well as abundant newly commissioned works.