The SMTD Experience

SMTD’s unique position as a school of performing arts housed within a large university offers our students advantages that are singularly available here. Robust academic offerings sustain artistic and scholarly traditions, while complementary experiential programs encourage students to grow beyond them.

Life @ SMTD

Our students bring passion, dedication, and creativity to everything they do, making SMTD a vibrant and inspiring place to develop academic and artistic talents.

Health & Wellness

We value the well-being of every member of the SMTD community. We not only champion emotional and physical wellness, but strive to create an environment where everyone feels uplifted in the pursuit of their ambitions.

Beyond the Curriculum

SMTD students take full advantage of our abundant resources and opportunities to enhance their educational experiences, and to ensure that they are prepared for a fulfilling and successful future.

Performance Opportunities

Over 900 student performances take place during the academic year in our celebrated concert halls, theatres, and intimate recital halls.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is a vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich environment that combines the best of a big city with picturesque small-town charm—the ideal setting for your college experience.

News & Stories

Catch up on the latest SMTD news to see the impact our talented community of students, faculty, and alumni is making in the performing arts world—and beyond.