Dr. Zeynep Özcan is an experimental and electronic music composer, sound artist and performer. She holds a Ph.D. in Music, an M.A. in History of Architecture, and a B.A. in Philosophy. She explores biologically inspired musical creativity, interactive and immersive environments, and generative systems. Her works have been performed and presented throughout the world in concerts, exhibitions, and conferences, such as AES, ICMC, ISEA, NYCEMF, ZKM and WAC. She specializes in the implementation of software systems for music-making, audio programming, sonification, sensors and microcontrollers, novel interfaces for musical expression, and large-scale interactive installations. Her research interests are exploring bio-inspired creativity, playfulness and failure in performance, community-engaged research, autoethnographic methodology, feminist epistemology, and sonic cyberfeminisms. She is passionate about community building and creating multicultural and collaborative learning experiences for students through technology-driven creativity.

Zeynep Özcan
Updated on: 4/1/2024