Yiqing Mitty Ma


PhD Precandidate


Yiqing Ma (she/her/伊) is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of Michigan. Her research interest explores intersections of music and cognition, language, embodiment, gender, culture, media, and performance. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, where she co-authored Basic Music Technology: An Introduction (2018, Springer) with her colleagues there. Prior to Ann Arbor, she completed an M.M. in Music Theory from Louisiana State University, where she leads an empirical study on lyrics’ emotional effects on music. She has presented this work at the Society of Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) and Psychonomic Society. This work was also recently published in Musicae Scientiae.

Her current research explores how vocal timbre facilitates the construction of female identities in Japanese Popular Music (J-Pop), incorporating an interdisciplinary methodology. This work recently received Arthur J. Komar Presentation Award from the annal conference at Music Theory Midwest (MTMW).

Outside of academia, Mitty enjoys performing the carillon at the two bell towers in Ann Arbor. She was awarded a Ronald Barnes fund from the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (GCNA) to conduct research on Chinese Bianzhong (編鐘) music and expand the repertoire for carillon.


Yiqing Ma, David J Baker, Katherine M Vukovics, Connor Davis, & Emily Elliott. (February 2023). “Lyrics and melodies: Do both affect emotions equally? A replication and extension of Ali and Peynircioğlu (2006).Musicae Scientiae (2023).

DEI Talks: An Interview with Tiffany Ng on Diversifying Carillon Repertoire,” Music & Politics in the Moment (2021).

Guerino Mazzola, Yan Pang, William Heinze, Kyriaki Gkoudina, Gian Afrisando Pujakusuma, Jacob Grunklee, Zilu Chen, Tianxue Hu, & Yiqing Ma. Basic Music Technology: An Introduction. Springer International Publishing (2018).


Personal website: https://theory.yiqingma.com/
Academia page: https://umich.academia.edu/YiqingMittyMa


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