Sile O’Modhrain

Chair of Performing Arts Technology and Associate Professor of Music


Sile O’Modhrain has worked as a researcher and faculty member both in the U.S. and abroad, including at the prestigious MIT Media Lab, Media Lab Europe, and at the Sonic Arts Research Center at the Queen’s University of Belfast. She has also worked for BBC Radio as an audio engineer and program producer. Her research focus is on haptics–touch and gesture–and its relationship to music performance, and on the development of new interfaces for technology-enhanced instruments that extend the boundaries of musical expression. Also impressive is her combination of experience in many areas related to audio, psychoacoustics, computer music, cognition, and gestural control of music. She is internationally known and respected in her field, as evidenced by her record of scholarly accomplishment in well-regarded journals and as a frequent speaker at international conferences.


BA (music), Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland
Licentiate (piano teaching), Trinity College – London
MS (music technology), University of York – York, England
PhD (computer-based music theory), Stanford University