Fangfei Miao

Assistant Professor of Dance


Three dancers in costume on stage hold their arms up and out.

Hereafter (Feb. 2023)

Dr. Fangfei Miao, an international dance theorist, choreographer, and dancer, is Assistant Professor of Dance in the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she teaches both seminar and physical practice courses. Dr. Miao’s scholarly research weaves dance and performance studies, Chinese and East Asian studies, and critical inquiries into globalization. Her in-progress monograph examines the productive historical “mis-steps” engendered by Sino-US cross-cultural dance transmissions in Reform-Era China (1978-the present). Dr. Miao’s publications, in both English and Chinese, have been featured in Dance Research Journal, Asian Theater Journal, Theatre Journal, Dance Studies, Journal of Contemporary Research in Dance, and Journal of the Beijing Dance Academy. Dr. Miao serves on the Board of Directors of the Dance Studies Association, the Award Committee (research grants) of the American Society for Theatre Research, the Advisory Board of Dance Research, and the Editorial Board of Contemporary Research in Dance. She is the co-editor of the special issue “Mobility, Dance, and China” for Dance Research Journal and co-editor of the interdisciplinary book series “Dance in Dialogue” by Bloomsbury Academic. Dr. Miao’s artistic research explores East Asian Buddhism and dance-theatre interdisciplinarity. With extensive professional training in modern dance, Chinese classical and folk dance, Tai Chi Quan, and ballet, Dr. Miao has taught her contemporary fusion dance technique across the country. She has toured internationally and staged her choreography in New York, Los Angeles, Auckland, Shanghai, Beijing, and Harbin, among other locations. Miao received her PhD in Culture and Performance from UCLA, MFA and BA from the Beijing Dance Academy, China’s premier dance conservatory.

Blind peer-reviewed article:
“Mis-step as Global Encounter: The American Dance Festival in Reform Era China.” 2022, Dance Research Journal. Vol 54 (1): 50-69.

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