Resonant Rhythms

Resonant Rhythms

Choreography by guest artist Lar Lubovitch and faculty Gay Delanghe, Bill De Young, Ruth Leney-Midkiff, Sandra Torijano, and Robin Wilson

Department of Dance • U-M Percussion Ensemble
January 30-February 2, 2003 • Power Center

Artistic Staff

Artistic Director: Bill De Young
Assistants to the Artistic Director: Mary Cole, Judy Rice
Percussion Ensemble Director: Michael Gould
Musical Direction: Christian Matjias, Stephen Rush
Scenic & Costume Designer: Jeff Bauer
Lighting Designers: Mary Cole, Christian M. DeAngelis
Sound Designer: Roger Arnett
Stage Manager: Nancy Uffner

Repertoire & Performers


Choreography by Bill De Young

Music Concept by Michael Gould
Musical Performance by Michael Gould, Anders Åstrand, and Global Percussion Network
Samples by Greg Laman
Voiceover by Aline Cotel

Dancers: Libby Allsberry, David Branson, Stephanie Calandro, Jenny De Muth, Justin House, Leah Ives, David Knapp, Jennifer Kosky, Angela Leete, Jenni Marquardt, Tricia Martin, Dominique Melissinos, Meghan Kathleen Mullen, Melissa C. Norwood, Jennifer Lynn Seguin, Leslie Elizabeth Williams


Choreography by Robin Wilson

Music: “Drumming Part IV” by Steve Reich
Musical Performance by Jeff Barudin, Jay Bordeleau, André Dowell, Dan Karas, Eric Klein, Carrie Magin, Olman Eduardo Piedra, Rosie Richards, Michael Swain
Piccolo: Leah Paul
Vocalists: Victoria DeCarlo, Sarah Meyer

Dancers: Libby Allsberry, Kelly Bowker, Sarah A. Evens, Lillian Fincher, Jenna Giorgio, Kay Grennan, Rapheal Lashaya Griffin, Kyle Marie Herrala, Leah Ives, Natalie Lacuesta, Elizabeth Maderal, Ricki Mason, Nyama McCarthy-Brown, Rachel Mckinstry, Ryan Myers, Kiesha Minyard, Amanda Christine Rountree, Alexandra Sadinoff, Kristen A. Sague, Abigail Sebaly, Jennifer Lynn Seguin, Christy Thomas, Melanie Anastacia Van Allen

Interludes: 36-16-8-8 and Elevator

Choreography for all Interludes by Gay Delanghe in collaboration with the dancers

Music and Musical Performance by Christian Matjias
Sound Effects by Chris Konovaliv
Visuals for “Elevator” by Brian Filipiak

Dancers (for all Interludes): Sara Badger, Anna Lee Beard, Kelly Bowker, Stephanie Calandro, Jennifer Kosky, Lizzie Leopold, Yael Lubarr, Jenni Marquardt, Nyama McCarthy-Brown, Dominique Melissinos, Erika Lynn Moore, Meghan Kathleen Mullen, Jordan Newmark, Melissa C. Norwood, Ross Allen Oliver, Abigail Sebaly

Studsa (Bounce)

Choreography by Bill De Young

Music by Anders Åstrand
Musical Performance by Dan Karas, Olman Eduardo Piedra, Rosie Richards, Chuck Ricotta

Dancers: Anna Lee Beard, Melissa Bloch, Jenny De Muth, Lynn Hasselbarth, Jennifer Kosky, Angela Leete, Tricia Martin, Melissa C. Norwood, Jessica Sachs, Leslie Elizabeth Williams

Interludes: Sustained Paper and Movement Accumulation


Choreography and Performance by Montgomery White
Musical Performance by Michael Gould, Jeff Barudin, Olman Eduardo Piedra, Michael Swain


Choreography by Sandra Torijano dedicated to my mother Hortensia Chacon Arce

Music by Stephen Rush
Poems by Pablo Neruda and Sandra Torijano De Young
Vocalist: Ricky Mason
Premiere Musical Performance by Jay Bordeleau, André Dowell, Michael Eisenberg, Emily Hendricks, Eric Klein, Carrie Magin

Dancers: Jennifer Adam Bailey, Julie Blume, Kathleen M. Boyer, Sarah A. Evens, Lillian Fincher, Liza Fishman, Torrie Hoffmeyer, Jessica Hyde, Emily Kahn, Elizabeth Maderal, Ricki Mason, Rachel Mckinstry, Megan Mertaugh, Christine Naughton, Cara Steen, Emily Tubman, Melanie Anastacia Van Allen, Jessica Vartanian, Leslie Elizabeth Williams

Beat, Repeat

Choreography and Performance by Michael Eisenberg and David Knapp


Choreography by Ruth Leney-Midkiff

Music: “Doomsday Machine” by Michael J. Burritt
Musical Performance by Jeff Barudin, Jay Bordeleau, Olman Eduardo Piedra, Chuck Ricotta

Dancers: Julie Blume, Nicolle Cooper, Jenny De Muth, Liza Fishman, Shannyn Hart, Torrie Hoffmeyer, Christie Lynn Jenuwine, Emily Keeping, Leslie Lamberson, Ashley Marshall, Courtney Lynn Morton, Jenny Schulz
Understudies: Shannon Kruger, Yael Lubarr

Interludes: Shifting Accents and Dancer Accumulation

Clapping Music

Choreography by Bill De Young

Music: “Clapping Music” by Steve Reich
Musical Performance by André Dowell, Olman Eduardo Piedra

Dancers: Libby Allsberry, Anna Lee Beard, Melissa Bloch, Jenny De Muth, Lynn Hasselbarth, Leah Ives, Jeniffer Kosky, Angela Leete, Tricia Martin, Melissa C. Norwood, Jessica Sachs, Alexandra Sadinoff, Jennifer Lynn Seguin

Interludes: Niagara Falls and Diminishing Space


Concept by Michael Gould
Musical Performance by Michael Gould, Emily Hendricks, Rosie Richards, Michael Swain

North Star (1978)

Choreography by Lar Lubovitch

Staged by Peggy Baker
Rehearsal Direction by Gay Delanghe
Original Costume Design by Clovis Ruffin
Original Lighting Design by Craig Miller

Music: “North Star” by Philip Glass
Premiere Live Musical Performance by Stephen Rush, Christian Matjias, Gerhard Schultz, David Luther (keyboards – Farfisa organ, Fender Rhodes piano, Yamaha organ and piano, and Kong triton); David Luther, Gerhard Schultz (saxophone); Leah Paul (flute); Sara Grosky (vocals)

Dancers –
Thursday/Saturday: Julie Blume, David Branson, Liza Fishman, Jon Frederick, Shannyn Hart, Justin House, Ricki Mason, Christine Naughton, Montgomery White, Leslie Elizabeth Williams
Friday/Sunday: Kathleen M. Boyer, Jon Frederick, Matthew Hakim, David Knapp, Rachel Mckinstry, Kiesha Minyard, Jenny Schulz, Abigail Sebaly, Cara Steen, Jessica Vartanian, Montgomery White


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The School of Music acknowledges the generosity of McKinley Associates, Inc. whose support has helped make this production possible.

Thanks to Zildjian Cymbal Company, Innovative Percussion, Yamaha Drums and Percussion, and Maletech Marimas for their support in bringing Anders Åstrand and Michael J. Burritt to Ann Arbor for master classes.




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