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Faculty & Staff

The Importance of Faculty and Staff

The most important factor in your choice of a school must be the teachers with whom you will study - in your performance medium, in large and small ensembles and in the classroom. The faculty at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is its single most important attraction. This extraordinary faculty includes performers currently active on the international stage; highly experienced former members of symphony orchestras, opera houses, and dance and theatre companies; prize-winning composers; and renowned scholars in theory and musicology. Although they are highly active professionally, members of the faculty at Michigan are profoundly and passionately committed to teaching and are in every sense a resident faculty.

See our list of emeritus faculty.

Name Phone (734 area code) Email Title
Aaron, Richard L 615-3751 Professor of Cello
Abdullah, Fatima 764-0451 Financial Specialist Senior University Productions
Adams, Jerroll H. 764-5586 Organ Technician
Albert, Matthew 647-5461 Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Chamber Music
Ampene, Kwasi 764-5513 Associate Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies in LS&A, Associate Director of the Stearns Collection, Associate Professor of Music
Archer, Kelley 764-5429 Program Coordinator
Aretakis, Ellen 763-0632 Annual Giving Officer
Arnett, Roger 764-2505 Performing Arts Sound and Recording Engineer
Arterberry, Anthony 936-3925 Research & Business Office Coordinator
Auletti, Toni 647-2283 Charge Scenic Artist University Productions and Lecturer of Theatre
Baumgartner, Kimberly 764-6525 Senior Associate Director of Development, Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands
Beck, Missy 647-9336 Lecturer of Dance
Becker, Joe LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Behrendt, Catherine 763-5056 Web Software Developer
Belen, Danielle 615-7351 Associate Professor of Music, Violin
Bengtson, Matthew 764-5653 Assistant Professor of Music, Piano Literature
Berg, Mark 647-2292 Theatrical Lighting Director University Productions and Lecturer of Theatre
Berofsky, Aaron 615-7358 Professor of Violin
Bibri, Randy 764-4567 Piano Technician
Bierkamp, Jeanette 647-1915 Coordinator of Financial Services
Bishop, Andrew 764-0596 Associate Professor and Chair of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Biza (Sompa), Jean-Claude 647-9336 Lecturer of Dance
Blackstone, Jerry 763-6172 Director of Choral Activities, Professor and Chair of Conducting
Borders, James M. 763-3278 Professor of Musicology, Glenn McGeoch Collegiate Professor of Music
Boyes, Christopher 764-0375 Videographer and Broadcast Media Specialist
Brater, Enoch 764-2275 Kenneth T Rowe Collegiate Professor of Dramatic Literature, College of LS&A and Professor of Theatre
Brinker, Laura 763-9343 Costume Shop Manager University Productions and Adjunct Lecturer of Theatre
Brown, Andrea 763-5891 Assistant Director of Marching and Athletic Bands and Lecturer of Conducting
Burns, Christopher LEO Lecturer I
Burris, Erin 936-2214 Student Administrative Assistant Senior Office of Academic Affairs
Burrow, Chad E 764-6517 Associate Professor of Clarinet
Çamcı, Anıl 647-1021 Assistant Professor of Performing Arts Technology
Campbell, William 764-6516 Professor of Trumpet
Cantor, Daniel 764-6304 Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama and Head of Performance
Cardinal, Vincent 763-2017 Arthur and Martha Hearron Endowed Professor and Chair of Musical Theatre and Professor of Music
Carlin, Marilou 763-1478 Director of Communications and Editor Michigan Muse
Casas, Jose 763-2493 Assistant Professor of Theatre & Drama, Playwriting
Castro, Christi-Anne 615-4216 Associate Professor of Musicology
Chambers, Evan 764-2527 Professor of Composition
Chavasse, Amy 647-2287 Associate Professor of Dance
Cheek, Timothy 764-2509 Associate Professor of Voice (Diction)
Cheng, Amy I. Lecturer of Piano
Clague, Mark 647-9416 Interim Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs
Coade, Caroline 764-3747 Assistant Professor of Music, Viola
Cole, Mary Martha 936-0705 Lecturer of Dance
Collier, Katherine 615-3729 Eugene Bossart Collegiate Lecturer of Collaborative Piano
Conway, Colleen M. 615-4105 Professor of Music Education
Corey, Jason 764-0590 Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research and Associate Professor of Music
Craft-Robinson, Evelyn 763-5213 Administrative Assistant Senior University Productions
Cravens, Molly 763-8338 Admissions Counselor
Croft, Clare 764-4463 Assistant Professor of Dance
Cruz, Gabriela 936-2189 Assistant Professor of Musicology
Daniels, David 764-5576 Professor of Music
Darnell, Anna 764-6892 Ensembles Production Manager
Daugherty, Michael 764-5594 Professor of Composition
Dawson, Trish 764-6102 Department Secretary Athletic Bands
DeBord, Jason Assistant Professor of Music
Decker, Gary 764-5354 Assistant Professor of Theatre (Scene and Lighting Design) and Coordinator of Productions
DeJesus, Ron 963-2233 Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
DeYoung, Bill 763-4099 Professor of Dance
DeYoung, Sandra Torijano 615-4018 Associate Professor of Dance
Dimoff, Max Associate Professor of Music, Strings
Ding, Ian Lecturer of Percussion
Dobbins, Sean Lecturer of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Dooley, Paul Lecturer of Performing Arts Technology
Drone, Patrick 763-9342 Properties Master University Productions and Adjunct Lecturer of Theatre
Dworkin, Aaron 764-0584 Senior Advisor for Innovation and Strategy, Special Advisor to M-Prize and Professor of Music, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Eastment, Tess 764-5613 Associate Director of Development
Eaton, Gillian 764-5395 Assistant Professor of Theatre
Edwards, Douglas 763-9341 Technical Director University Productions and Lecturer of Theatre
Edwards, Jeremy 647-2020 Lecturer of Performing Arts Technology
Elliott, Anthony D. 764-2523 Professor of Cello
Ellis, John 763-1278 Associate Dean for Productions, Programs and Partnerships and Associate Professor of Music
Erickson, Daniel 763-9342 Properties Carpenter/Artisan University Productions
Erickson, Thomas 764-8623 Academic Advisor
Etezady, Roshanne LEO Lecturer III
Everett, Walter T. 763-2039 Professor of Music Theory
Feeny, Paul 764-8765 Assistant Director of Ensemble Operations
Fitzpatrick, Kate 647-9438 Associate Professor of Music Education
Fogel, Jessica Kimlat 647-2289 Professor and Chair of Dance
Fournier, Karen 764-4542 Associate Professor of Music Theory
Fox, Alexander 763-0965 Stewardship Officer
Francisco, Rachel 764-0594 Manager of Marketing, Promotion & Special Events
Frischmuth, Lindsay 764-5350 Administrative Assistant Theatre & Drama
Fulcher, Jane 615-2874 Professor of Musicology
Garrett, Charles 764-0232 Professor of Musicology
Gascho, Joseph 764-2506 Asst Professor of Music
Gatt, Amanda 763-6677 Auditions Coordinator & Recruiter
Genne, Beth 647-4344 Professor of Dance
Getman, Jessica 763-5634 Gershwin Edition Managing Editor
Gilbert, Daniel 764-6522 Associate Professor of Clarinet
Gingerich-Jones, Jesse 764-2512 Reserves Coordinator
Glazier, Terri Lynn 615-8415 Assistant to the Dean & Manager of Faculty Affairs
Goetz, Tracy Lynn 764-0584 Executive Secretary to the Dean
Gonzalez, Anita 647-2298 Professor of Theatre & Drama
Goodrich, Linda 615-0025 Associate Professor of Musical Theatre
Goodson, Kathryn Collaborative Pianist
Goosman, Christopher Lecturer of Performing Arts Technology
Gordon, Mark 936-2838 Performance Halls Operations Manager University Productions
Gould, Michael 615-0215 Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Gramley, Joseph 764-6520 Associate Professor of Music, Director of Percussion Studies
Granzow, John 764-3751 Assistant Professor of Music
Green, Benny 764-5599 Assistant Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Greene, Arthur 764-5569 Professor of Piano
Grijalva, Robert 764-6207 Director and Assistant Professor of Piano Technology
Guck, Marion A. 647-6296 Professor of Music Theory
Gunderson, Elizabeth 763-9343 Costume Crafts Artisan University Productions
Gunning, Katie 763-5460 Administrative Assistant for Dance
Gurevich, Michael 647-4458 Associate Professor and Chair of Performing Arts Technology
Hage, Victoria 764-3764 Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
Hahn, Jessica 936-3951 Professor of Theatre
Haithcock, Michael 764-5588 Director University Bands and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Conducting
Halen, David 764-8162 Professor of Music, Violin
Hall, Patricia 764-8051 Professor of Music Theory
Harding, Christopher 764-2517 Associate Professor and Chair of Piano
Harkins, Paul 764-4453 Chief Development & External Relations Officer
Harrington, Robert 763-7582 Business Systems Analyst for Admissions & Financial Aid
Harris, Freyja 764-3757 Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Hartman, Theresa 763-7657 Costume Stock Manager University Productions
Hawkins, Emily 764-4567 Piano Technician
Hayden, Marion Adjunct Assistant Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Helton, Caroline 615-3728 Associate Professor of Voice
Heneghan, Áine 763-2655 Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Herseth, Freda 764-5589 Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Voice
Higuchi Hagelthorn, Aya 647-7245 Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy
Hill, Alvin 764-5920 Technical Events Manager
Ho, Meilu 615-0259 Assistant Professor of Musicology
Hoffert, Julia 763-7558 Recruiting Coordinator
Hoffman, Laura 764-0593 Assistant Dean for Admissions and Enrollment Management
Hogikyan, Norman Professor Medical School and School of Music, Theatre & Drama
Holland, Joan 764-5597 Associate Professor of Harp
Hopkins, Michael 763-7948 Associate Professor and Chair of Music Education
Hopper, Jillian Lecturer of Dance
Hoskins, Sean Dance Technology Coordinator & Production Assistant
Hubbs, Nadine 647-0781 Professor of Women's Studies and Music and Faculty Associate in American Culture
Hughes, Holly 647-4354 Associate Professor of Theatre (Performance Art)
Hunter, Paul 763-9341 Master Theatrical Carpenter University Productions
Hurst, Robert 615-1265 Associate Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Hyssong, Emily 647-1908 Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Clinical Social Worker
Igoe, Brian 936-0300 Senior Admissions Counselor
Imbesi, Jason 764-2512 Music Librarian
Jackson, David Lee 764-2525 Professor of Music
Jamison, Angela LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Jelinkova, Slavka LEO Lecturer I
Jennings, Andrew W. 764-5584 Professor of Violin and Chamber Music
Kaenzig, Fritz A. 764-0184 Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Tuba & Euphonium
Kalosa, Patricia 764-5352 Student Administrative Assistant
Kane, Angela 764-4314 Professor of Dance
Kassabova, Tzveta 764-4374 Assistant Professor of Theatre & Drama
Katz, Martin 764-6624 Earl V. Moore Collegiate Professor in Music
Kelly, Kathleen 764-7230 Associate Professor of Music
Kendall, Christopher 763-2379 Professor of Music and Special Advisor to the Bicentennial Office
Kendrick, Heather Program Director, M-Prize Chamber Arts Competition
Kennedy, Bryan Lecturer of Horn
Kettler, Ellen 763-9769 Senior Associate Director of Development
Kibbie, James W. 764-1591 Professor and Chair of Organ and University Organist
Kiesler, Kenneth 764-5580 Director of University Orchestras and Professor of Conducting
King, Nancy Ambrose 764-2522 Professor of Oboe and Chair of Wind & Percussion Instruments
King, William Lecturer of Music and Woodwind Ensembles Coordinator
Kirschenmann, Mark 764-6212 Lecturer of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation and Lecturer in the Residential College
Kirshner, Andrew 615-3726 Associate Professor of Performing Arts Technology
Knapp, Jennifer 764-5351 Department Administrator for Theatre & Drama
Kocher, Cary 764-6520 Lecturer of Percussion
Korsyn, Kevin E. 764-5578 Professor of Music Theory
Kuppers, Petra Associate Professor of English Language and Literature and Theatre & Drama
Kuras, Jeffrey 763-5213 Director of University Productions and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theatre
Kuster, Andrew 647-4580 Executive Editor for MUSA
Kuster, Kristin 763-4068 Professor and Chair of Composition
Kuuskoski, Jonathan 615-8585 Interim Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship & Leadership (EXCEL) and Director of the EXCEL Lab
Lam, Joseph S.C. 647-9471 Professor of Musicology
Laman, Greg 764-5596 Manager Computer & Instructional Technology
Lamoreaux, Emily 763-1279 Program Coordinator, Youth and Adult Programs
Lankenau, Sarah 763-5213 Cutter / Draper University Productions
LaRue, Barry 763-4220 Senior Performance Halls Operation Manager University Productions
Lindsay, Priscilla 647-2296 Professor & Chair of the Department of Theatre & Drama
Lindsay, Richard 763-5031 Technical Director University Productions and Lecturer of Theatre
Lucas, Ashley E 764-0530 Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama and LS&A Residential College
Lucas, William Assistant Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Lusmann, Stephen 763-2157 Associate Professor of Voice
Lyman, Jeffrey 764-2508 Professor of Bassoon
Madama, Mark 615-3732 Associate Professor of Musical Theatre
Martin, Nathan 764-3749 Assistant Professor of Music
Matijas Mecca, Christian 647-9269 Associate Professor of Dance
Mayer, Lisa Lecturer of Musical Theatre
Maylie, Janet 936-2414 Associate Professor of Theatre (Acting)
McAllister, Timothy 764-2514 Associate Professor of Saxophone
McCarthy, Marie 647-0557 Professor of Music Education and Director of Research
McClure, Megan 764-2119 Business Office Coordinator
Mengden, Amanda 763-0950 Production Manager University Productions
Mengozzi, Stefano 647-1890 Associate Professor and Chair of Musicology
Meyer, Ranaan Guest Artist, Strings
Monts, Lester P. 764-7443 Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Professor of Music, School of Music, Theatre & Dance and Special Advisor for the Confucius Institute
Monzon, Brandon 615-3204 Communications Generalist
Morello, Lea 763-9343 Cutter/Draper University Productions
Morrow-Spitzer, Rikki Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator
Mountain, Vincent Andrew 647-2293 Professor of Theatre (Scenic Design)
Mukherji, Somangshu 763-2898 Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Murphy III, Robert E. 763-2455 Associate Professor of Theatre (Scenic & Lighting Design)
Mutter, Mark LEO Lecturer I
Myers, Christianne 763-6697 Associate Professor of Theatre (Costume Design), Head of Design & Production
Myrick, Robin 936-2660 Program Coordinator for Adult and Youth Programs
Neill, Jillian 647-2035 Development Generalist
Neville-Andrews, John 647-4135 Professor of Theatre (Acting & Directing)
Ng, Tiffany 764-4414 Assistant Professor of Music
Nicol, Brittany Administrative Assistant
Nkanga, Mbala 763-4435 Associate Professor of Theatre (Theatre Studies)
Noble-Pruett, Joan LEO Lecturer III
Nowland, Alizabeth 764-6892 Performance Librarian
O'Modhrain, Sile 647-4459 Associate Professor of Performing Arts Technology
Obrecht, Michelle LEO Lecturer I
Okazaki, Miles LEO Lecturer I
Olsen, Stanford 764-8773 Professor of Music and Chair of the Voice Department
Ovalle, Jonathan 763-2621 Assistant Professor of Percussion
Owolabi, Kola 647-9659 Associate Professor of Organ
Ozawa, Matthew Assistant Professor and Opera Director
Packard, Chelsea Assistant Professor of Music, Musical Theatre
Pasquale, John 647-2284 Director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands, Associate Director of Bands, and the Donald R. Shepherd Clinical Associate Professor of Conducting
Pelton, Carmen 764-6512 Professor of Voice
Petty, Judith 764-5579 Lecturer of Music Theory
Petty, Wayne C. 764-5579 Associate Professor and Chair of Music Theory
Pickell, David 763-1086 Performance Hall Manager University Productions
Piper, Scott 936-1605 Assistant Professor of Voice
Plante, Rene 763-9343 Stitcher University Productions
Poggi, Gregory 936-2837 Professor of Theatre (Arts Administration) and Senior Advisor to the Dean
Porter, Amy 764-7591 Professor of Flute
Qiu, Lydia Collaborative Pianist and Coordinator of Studio Accompanying
Racicot, Dane 764-5553 Performance Hall Manager University Productions
Racine, Melody Lynn 764-0584 Interim Dean and Associate Professor of Music
Rafidi, Christian 764-3754 Chief Administrative Officer
Randazzo, Sara Lecturer of Musical Theatre
Rau, Sarah 647-7492 Director of Community Outreach
Reed, Jamie Lecturer in Musical Theatre
Reynolds, Henry P. 936-5565 Information Systems Administrator University Productions and Assistant Professor of Theatre
Rice, Judy 763-2949 Associate Professor of Dance
Rice, Shannon Berritt 647-3327 Facilities and Booking Manager University Productions
Ricotta, Charles James 764-6102 Lecturer and Drumline Instructor
Rodriguez, Carlos Xavier 936-5369 Associate Professor of Music Education
Rodriguez, Margaret Financial Aid Project Manager
Rogers, Eugene 764-4442 Associate Director of Choirs and Associate Professor of Conducting
Rowe, Ellen H. 647-6297 Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Rusch, René 764-3750 Assistant Professor of Music
Rush, Stephen J. 764-5582 Professor of Performing Arts Technology
Sandmaier, Beth 647-2283 Charge Scenic Artist Painter University Productions
Sans, Oriol 764-3744 Assistant Professor of Music
Santos, Erik Director Electronic Music Studio, Associate Professor of Composition and Performing Arts Technology
Sarath, Edward W. 763-1321 Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Satyendra, Ramon 647-9898 Associate Professor of Music Theory
Savvidou, Paola 764-7231 Wellness Initiative Program Manager
Schoenfeld, Paul 615-6953 Professor of Composition
Schotten, Yizhak 764-2524 Professor of Viola
Sebastian, Sanjiv 764-4567 Piano Technician
Sheng, Bright 647-9413 Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Composition
Sherwood, Thomas LEO Lecturer I
Shipps, Stephen 615-7353 Professor of Violin and Chair of Strings
Shirley, George I. Joseph Edgar Maddy Distinguished University Emeritus Professor of Voice
Siegel, Dick LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Skadsem, Julie 647-9930 Associate Professor of Music Education
Skelton, Logan 647-6294 Professor of Piano
Smith, Jonathan Percussion Coordinator
Smith, Leslie Ann 763-9343 Assistant Costume Shop Manager University Productions
Smokovich, Emily 763-5112 Executive Assistant to the Assistant Dean for Admissions
Snyder, Courtney 936-1371 Associate Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music
Snyder, Marty 764-2516 Student Administrative Assistant
Song, Yoonshin Lecturer of Violin
Sparling, Peter 647-2288 Rudolf Arnheim Distinguished Professor of Dance
St. Clair, Maggie 764-6102 Department Administrator Athletic Bands
Stein, Louise K. 764-6511 Professor of Musicology
Stillman, Amy K. 647-2103 Program Director American Culture; Associate Professor of Musicology & American Culture
Stock, Mary Ann 936-2497 Assistant to the Associate Dean for Productions, Programs and Partnerships
Stratton, Karin 764-2512 Informationist Associate
Sutherland, Enid 764-0583 Lecturer of Baroque Cello and Viola da Gamba
Swedberg, Robert 764-5755 Associate Professor and Opera Director
Tanner, Sarah 764-5553 Associate Properties Master University Productions
Taylor, Caitlin 764-4204 Career Services Coordinator
Terrell, Michelle 936-1628 Finance Manager
Thauland, Benjamin 647-6310 Office Services Assistant
Thompson, Matthew Assistant Professor of Music
Throm, Carrie 764-4453 Lecturer of EXCEL
Toppin, Louise Professor of Music, Voice
Travers, Martha 764-0583 Lecturer Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Truckey, Amy 764-6521 Human Resources Director
Tulip, Malcolm 936-3952 Assistant Professor of Theatre (Acting & Movement)
Tupac, Kerianne Marie 647-2277 Marketing and Communications Director University Productions and Lecturer of Theatre
Uffner, Nancy 763-0951 Production Stage Manager University Productions and Assistant Professor of Theatre
Ulintz, Deedee 764-0592 Director of Student Affairs and Academic Advising
Unsworth, Adam 936-3484 Professor of Horn
Van Ornum, Scott Collaborative Pianist
Vojcic, Aleksandra 764-3032 Associate Professor of Music Theory
Votapek, Kathryn 764-3748 Assistant Professor of Violin
Wagner, Annie 764-0590 Graduate Coordinator and Assistant to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Research
Wagner, Austin 763-9341 Scenic Carpenter University Productions
Wagner, Brent 763-2017 Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emeritus and associate professor emeritus of music (musical theatre)
Wakefield, Gregory 763-1254 Associate Professor of Engineering and Performing Arts Technology
Walker, Catherine A. 763-5524 Associate Professor of Musical Theatre
Walton, Susan 763-0179 Lecturer and Director of the Gamelan Ensemble
Washington, Daniel 763-7825 Professor of Voice
Watkins, Donald 763-1330 Performance Halls Operations Manager University Productions
Watson, Ann Assistant Professor of Music, Musical Theatre
Watson, Nicole 936-1915 Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs
West, Amy Lecturer of Dance
West, Stephen 764-5595 Professor of Music, Voice
Westlake, E.J. 764-3118 Professor of Theatre (Theatre Studies)
Westphal, Cynthia Kortman 615-3731 Associate Professor of Musical Theatre
Whiting, Steven M. 764-5573 Professor of Musicology
Whyatt, Khita Lecturer of Dance
Widzinski, Dianne 763-3338 Performance Halls House Manager University Productions
Wier, Claudia LEO Lecturer I
Wiland, Mary-Alice 764-6524 Facilities Coordinator/Manager
Williamson, Tracy 763-9343 Cutter/Draper University Productions
Wilson, Dennis 615-4104 Associate Professor of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation
Wilson, Robin 763-9141 Associate Professor of Dance
Wollner, Andrew 763-2717 Music and Multimedia Computer Specialist
Woods, Leigh 764-5389 Professor of Theatre and Head of Theatre Studies (BTA)

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