Percussion Studio

The University of Michigan Percussion Program is one of the longest active and most successful university percussion programs in the country. With over 60 years of history, its faculty have included some of the field’s most outstanding teachers and its alumni continue to achieve success in all areas of the percussion world. Broad in its musical scope, the percussion program promotes a comprehensive approach which includes opportunities for study in numerous areas including: orchestral studies, contemporary solo and chamber playing, timpani, drum set, and world music. The percussion program and its artist faculty work to foster growth in the areas of performance, pedagogy, technology, composition/arranging, and improvisation in an effort to provide a comprehensive percussion education in response to the ever-changing demands of the 21st-century musical landscape. While the program offers a broad, comprehensive approach, we work to help each student discover their own unique artistic voice and encourage individual areas of interest and research. We are committed to supporting a curriculum which will help each of our students attain their individual professional goals

Doug Perkins, Associate Professor of Percussion, Director of Percussion
Ian Antonio, Assistant Professor of Percussion
Michael Gould, Professor of Percussion
Jeremy Epp, Lecturer of Percussion
Cary Kocher, Lecturer of Percussion
Tom Sherwood, Lecturer of Percussion
Jonathan Smith, Percussion Program Manager

In addition to the requirements for our various degrees, the percussion program is also proud to offer supplemental courses to percussion students.

In addition to dedicated Percussion Ensembles, the University of Michigan provides a large number of performance opportunities including bands, orchestras, jazz, chamber ensembles, and more.