Michigan Youth Ensembles

The Michigan Youth Ensembles (MYE) program brings together exceptional high school students for weekly rehearsals at the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance. MYE Students, who are selected by audition, have the opportunity to engage in a stimulating environment, while learning from U-M conductors, applied faculty, and graduate students.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MYE will be going online for the 2020-2021 academic year! Students will continue to participate in weekly rehearsals, culminating for many in virtual performances at the end of each semester. Students will also engage with weekly educational webinars, with subjects ranging from topics specific to their ensemble (e.g. string techniques, history of wind ensembles), to general sessions all MYE students can participate in (e.g. SMTD admissions sessions, virtual campus tours, how to record yourself at home).

New for 2020-2021 – MYE Webinar Series

Most ensembles will have an accompanying webinar series for the  2020-2021 MYE Season. Participation in the webinar series is accessible as follows:

  • Students who audition and are placed in an ensemble will automatically be enrolled in the webinar series which is included with the ensemble tuition.
  • Students who audition but do NOT receive an ensemble placement will have the option to enroll in the webinar series without an additional application fee.
  • Students who do not desire to audition for an ensemble may elect to participate in the webinar series only.

Why did you decide to move MYE online for the 2020-2021 season?
After much discussion with faculty, staff, and examining data collected by numerous scientific studies, we felt it best to move MYE completely online from the start to provide a safe, uninterrupted MYE experience that takes aspects of our in-person program ands add new elements (i.e. weekly webinars, virtual performances, etc.) for a full, online MYE curriculum.

General speaking, what will be different this season? What will be the same?
The big difference of course is that we’ll be online! Students will participate in rehearsals via Zoom, which they’ll access via their ensemble’s Canvas site. More information on these platforms will be sent with registration forms in mid-August, as well as being included in the MYE Student Handbook. In addition, students will also have access to regular webinar sessions of varying subjects via their ensemble’s Canvas site.

What remains the same is the quality of instruction given by top-notch SMTD faculty, working to achieve the primary goal of Michigan Youth Ensembles which is to develop our students as musicians through meaningful and engaging musical experiences.

What’s that about weekly webinar sessions?
New for the 2020-2021 season, many of our MYE ensembles will have an accompanying webinar series to compliment weekly rehearsals. These webinars will cover a variety of topics, specific to the interests of each ensemble. For example, one webinar for MYSO could be about string techniques, while one for MYCS could be about singing vibrato. There will also be general webinar subjects for some, such as an SMTD admissions session or a virtual tour of campus.

For many ensembles, students can join the webinar series even if they’re not interested in rehearsing / performing with the online ensemble. Plus, all you have to do is submit an application. No audition is required to sign up for a webinar series!

To sign up for a webinar series, visit the Application and Digital Audition portion of our website.

To learn more about each webinar series, check out each of the individual MYE ensemble pages below.

Do you suspect rehearsals will resume in-person for the Winter 2021 semester?
Currently no. We expect to hold the entirety of the 2020-2021 MYE Season online. If circumstances were to improve and the possibility of meeting in-person presents itself, students and families will be informed well in advance on how the transition to in-person rehearsals will be handled.

What about MYE percussionists?
We are currently working with staff and the SMTD percussion department to find the best solution for our MYE concert percussionists. Though ideally we would like to host them on campus to allow access to SMTD instruments, the university is currently restricted to only allowing university students, staff, and faculty on campus as per the Governor’s order (currently in Phase 4). There is the possibility of allowing non university affiliated persons on campus if we move to Phase 5, though no timetable exists as to when that would be. We will be in contact with percussionists not only about how auditions will work, but rehearsals as well.

Am I being charged the same tuition for MYE online?
Tuition prices for all ensembles have been adjusted for the new online format. You can find tuition prices for all ensembles on the Tuition, Fees and Financial Assistance webpage.

Am I going to need any additional equipment?
Though no additional equipment is required (besides your instrument), many students elect to purchase a personal microphone to optimize their sound online during rehearsals or other events. Though Michigan Youth Ensembles doesn’t endorse any one brand, we recommend asking either your private music instructor or school music teacher for suggested brands and models. We are able to provide instruction on how to optimize sound settings in Zoom, which will be included in the MYE Student Handbook. Again, additional equipment such as microphones are NOT required to participate in Michigan Youth Ensembles this year.

How will I get my music for the season?
We are working with the SMTD ensembles library to finalize music logistics for the 2020-2021 season. Most likely, music will be accessible via the ensembles’ Canvas site by use of password in accordance with copyright law. More information will be provided with your registration forms when those are distributed mid-August.

Additional questions?  Please contact the Engagement & Outreach staff at to have your question answered/ added to the page!


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MYE 2020-2021 Student Handbook
AVAILABLE NOW – 2020-2021 Michigan Youth Ensembles Handbook

Accessing University of Michigan Canvas
Access U-M Canvas for class information.

Student Absence Form
To report a planned absence, complete the ONLINE MYE ABSENCE FORM. Please submit all forms at least one week before the planned date of absence.