Michigan Youth Ensembles

The Michigan Youth Ensembles (MYE) program brings together exceptional high school students for weekly rehearsals at the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Students who are selected by audition have the opportunity to engage in a stimulating environment, while learning from U-M conductors, applied faculty, and graduate students. Students develop a sense of teamwork and experience intellectual, emotional, and artistic growth as they come together for rehearsals and performances. Created as an enrichment opportunity for local music education programs, MYE allows students to work in a highly competitive collegiate setting and minimizes barriers between high school and college music study.

Chamber Singers 
A select SATB choir composed of outstanding vocalists from across the state. Chamber Singers students sing challenging and varied repertoire, both accompanied and a cappella, in an energizing and educational setting.

Jazz Orchestra, Dennis Wilson, Conductor
An ensemble designed to develop the skills and understanding necessary to perform in the jazz idiom. Students develop both listening and playing skills through the analysis and performance of standard songs and artists.

Musicianship Course, Christopher Sherwood-Gabrielson, Instructor
Intensive course in music theory, analysis and aural skills are open to all interested students as well as Michigan Youth Ensemble participants.

Symphonic Band, Courtney Snyder, Conductor
Provides the opportunity for students to explore college-level wind repertoire and enhance their performance skills through instrumental sectionals with U-M students and rehearsals led by faculty.

Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Elliott, Conductor
Over 100 talented young musicians are featured in this ensemble, performing challenging and well-known works from the orchestral repertory.

Youth Trombone Ensemble, David Jackson, Conductor
Students gain experience performing trombone ensemble repertoire.

Women’s Chorale, Julie Skadsem, Conductor
An SSA choir designed for young women to develop vocal technique, music reading skills, and artistry through the study and performance of the highest quality music.

Youth Euphonium & Tuba Ensemble (YETE), Fritz A. Kaenzig, Faculty Director
YETE students work with current U-M graduate and undergraduate tuba and euphonium students to strengthen their overall musicianship, learn new repertoire, and participate in collaborative music making with a diverse group of students from across Michigan.

The 2018-2019 Michigan Youth Ensemble Handbook is available to download.

To report a planned absence, complete the ONLINE MYE ABSENCE FORM. Please submit all forms at least one week before the planned date of absence.

Positions in the Michigan Youth Ensembles are selective, and limited spots are available. In order to qualify for Michigan Youth Ensembles, students must meet the requirements in the audition materials below. All students, regardless of previous participation, must both apply and audition every year.

Age: All students entering into 9-12th grade are eligible to apply.

Multiple Ensembles: Instrumentalists may audition on more than one instrument and/or for more than one ensemble where rehearsals do not conflict. Female singers who apply and are offered acceptance to both Chamber Singers and Women’s Chorale will be able to dual enroll. Please only complete one application per student, regardless of the number of instruments and ensembles being considered.

2018-19 Tuition/Fees
$45.00 non-refundable application fee
$455.00 for an ensemble
$300.00 for a second ensemble or musicianship course
$30.00 vocal music purchasing fee (participants keep music)

A discounted tuition rate is available for those musicians who participate in multiple ensembles. No discounts will be applied for participation in the Musicianship Course.

Financial Aid
A limited number of need-based awards are available. To apply for financial assistance, please complete the Financial Aid online application available through the application.

Refund Policy
Full refunds of MYE tuition are only available before the first rehearsal. After the season commences, partial refunds may be issued on a case-by-case basis.

The application for the 2018-2019 season is now closed.
We will be considering applications on a rolling basis as positions are available.

Auditions take place each April for the following season.  Students are notified of the audition results in June via email.

Interested students must complete the MYE online application. The $45 non-refundable application fee can be paid online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

Saturday, April 14, 2018 – strings, winds, brass, percussion, choral, jazz

Sunday, April 15, 2018 – strings, winds, brass, jazz

Monday, April 16, 2018 – strings, choral

Instrumentalists should prepare one classical solo that demonstrates their best level of both technical and expressive abilities. This selection need not be more than 3 minutes in duration. Instrumentalists should include a second piece or additional movement if one piece does not demonstrate contrasting styles. A chromatic scale throughout the range of an instrument may also be asked. instrumentalists will play without accompaniment.

Singers should prepare one classical solo that demonstrates their best level of both technical and expressive abilities. This selection need not be more than 3 minutes in duration. An accompanist will be provided for singers only.

Percussionists should prepare 3 solo pieces or etudes that show proficiency on snare drum, a mallet instrument, and timpani. Sticks/mallets are not provided; you must bring your own.

Instrumentalists auditioning for the Jazz Ensemble will be asked to perform an audition including the following components: Seven major scales of your choice (seven different keys), Three harmonic and/or melodic minor scales of your choice using eighth notes (quarter = 120), a melody (head) and improvised solo to either a blues, rhythm changes, or standard jazz tune, either with a combo or play-a-long recording.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass: Walk a bass line or comp chords for an F or Bb blues, either with a combo or play-a-long recording. Improvise a solo if possible. Please provide your own amp as needed.

Drums: Demonstrate playing the following styles: Swing (sticks and brushes), Bossa nova, Samba, Ballad. ticks/mallets and cymbals are not provided; you must bring your own.

Sight reading/sight singing will be required of all applicants.

Students are notified of the audition results in June via email.