Organ Conference

60th Annual Organ Conference

Creative Collaborations in a Time of Change

October 5-10, 2020
12:00 (noon) and 8:00PM EDT daily
Available through live-stream and archived for later viewing
Free to the public

An online offering of organ, harpsichord, carillon and sacred music performances and interactive lectures by faculty, students, and guests

2020 Organ Conference Schedule


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    “Dissension” for trombone and organ (premiere)
    Kaelan Hansson, graduate organ student and PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering, composer
    Prof. David Jackson, University of Michigan, trombone
    Dr. James Kibbie, University of Michigan, organ
    High Tech and Low Tech: Ways to Preserve the Church Choir During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Jackson Merrill, graduate student in Organ Performance
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
    Leading in Times of Vast Change: Courage to Lead Congregations through Times of Tumult
    Dr. Darlene Kuperus, University of Michigan
    Sarah Hescheles, Restoring Waters Consulting


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    Chris DeBlasio, Serenade for organ and violin
    Jeremy David Tarrant, University of Michigan, organ
    Phoebe Gelzer-Govatos, violin
    Planning the Ecumenical Service with African American Organ Literature
    Sylvia Wall, graduate student in Sacred Music
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
    Organists as Innovators
    Michael Barone, Pipedreams, American Public Media


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    Music for Soprano and Organ
    Katharine Ball Meagher, guest artist, soprano
    Dr. Andrew Meagher, Organ Department staff, organ
    Living Voices: Sharon Willis and Harriet Tubman
    Sarah Simko, Doctoral candidate in Organ Performance
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
    Music and Message: A Case Study in Spiritual Programming for College Students
    Dr. José “Peppie” Calvar, Syracuse University
    Rev. Brian Konkol, Syracuse University
    Dr. Anne Laver, Syracuse University


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    Carillon Collaboration
    Joey Brink, University of Chicago
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
    Visualizing Collaborative Sound
    Ryan Mueller, Dobson Pipe Organ Builders


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    Challenging Conventions: Student Perspectives on Collaboration on the Carillon
    University of Michigan carillon students Anthony DiBello, Michelle Lam, Isaac Levine, Kavitha Lobo, and Jenna Moon
    Taking Turns: Ascanio Mayone and His Collaborators
    Kaelan Hansson, graduate organ student and PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
    Audience Collaboration in 18th-Century Keyboard Improvisation
    Dr. John Mortensen, Cedarville University


  • 12:00 Noon EDT:
    “Cetus: Life After Life” for carillon and amplified whale song recordings (Michigan premiere)
    Dr. Tiffany Ng, University of Michigan, carillon
    Annie Lewandowski, Cornell University, composer
    Katy Payne, Cornell University, acoustic biologist
  • 8:00 pm EDT:
     “Lessons & Carols in Overlapping Asynchronicity”
    Dr. Joseph Gascho, University of Michigan, harpsichord

If you are interested in supporting the Organ Conference please contact Charles Miller for more details.