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20th Century American Songs, Performed on George Gershwin’s Steinway

Nicholas Shaneyfelt

This Saturday (4/9) at 5:30PM, Nicholas Shaneyfelt will be presenting a concert of American songs on the Gershwin Steinway in the Britton Recital Hall of the U-M Moore Music Building. Nicholas devised his concert to feature composers who are less often performed but vital to the collection of American song. They include the pioneers of the genre: Edward MacDowell, Charles Griffes, and Arthur Farwell; African American composers like Robert Owens and Leslie Adams; composers who pushed the genre forward in the 60s and 70s, like Dominick Argento and Lee Hoiby; and voices of today, including Jake Heggie, Ben Moore, Tom Cipullo. While Gershwin’s songs are not on the program, Nicholas noted that his seminal influence upon American song can be heard throughout the program, and he hinted that we just might be able to expect some Gershwin in an encore.

Nicholas praised the Gershwin Steinway noting how he was “immediately struck by the warmth of tone and clarity of sound” of the instrument. To Nicholas, “It will always be a special instrument because George Gershwin owned it, played it, composed in front of it. But its significance is deeper because it creates a superior sound and remains in service at the University of Michigan.”

Toi toi toi from all of us at Gershwin Initiative, it is sure to be a lovely evening of song! If you are in the area consider joining us on Saturday.  If you aren’t in town the concert can be live streamed at this link:

20th Century American songs
25 songs by 25 composers
Saturday, April 9th at 5:30 p.m.
Britton Recital Hall
University of Michigan
performed on the Gershwin Steinway

Nicholas Shaneyfelt, piano
Dorian L. Dillard II
Ashley Dixon
Jessica Dold
Michael Miller
Sandra Periord
Luke Randall
Carlos Santelli
Ashley Stanley

  • Pam Smart on April 6, 2016

    I am so proud of my nephew. Nicholas’ hard work, drive and passion for his music has made him a pianist to behold. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the future you have assured for yourself. Congratulations also to Penny and Neil for the unfailing love and guidance shown to Nicholas. Your hearts must be bursting with love and pride. Much love to all.

  • Rich Wintrode on April 6, 2016

    Looking forward to your recital Nicholas!

  • John Melan on June 28, 2020

    Nicholas is one of the best artist. I really loved Nicholas and his all songs.

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