Brehm Technology Suite

The Brehm Technology Suite serves as the community hub for PAT students, faculty, and collaborators. This concentrated suite of technologically-rich facilities has had a transformative effect on the PAT Department—building community and supporting a broad range of creative activities.

In 2015, the Tech Suite and several of the SMTD rehearsal halls and recital halls were interconnected with a dedicated Dante digital audio network. This technology allows us to expand the south wing of the Moore Building into a distributed recording studio, with flexible connections between spaces that can be routed in software. For example, ensembles can be recorded in the Britton Recital Hall and mixed simultaneously in the Control Room and Edit Rooms. Other musicians in the Davis Studio could be easily mixed into the recording. All of the performance spaces are also connected by video link for remote monitoring.

These expanded recording capabilities are supported by a recent major investment of nearly $150,000 by SMTD in new recording equipment. The PAT Department has acquired a new inventory of over 80 microphones, 3 professional 4K video cameras, portable preamp racks, and headphone monitoring system. Students also have access to a variety of high quality PA equipment, keyboards, controllers, instruments, synthesizers and amplifiers.

The Tech Suite consists of the following spaces:

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