Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare

Department of Musical Theatre Studio Production
February 20-23, 2014 • Arthur Miller Theatre

The Story: A chance encounter. A meeting of eyes. Love at first sight. Two young people, kept apart by their feuding families, decide to take fate into their own hands and pursue their love. If only the ending were as promising as the start – circumstances conspire to thwart their efforts as missed chances, poor timing, and mistakes prevent the lovers from finding happiness. Tragedy ensues. As their families unite, finally, in sorrow, the sacrifice of the lovers is a haunting reminder of the powerful force of love.

Background: Featuring some of Shakespeare’s most vivid poetry and quoted lines, this famous tale has fascinated audiences for over 400 years. It is a true classic, whose richness has inspired directors and designers to repeatedly find truths in its text for contemporary audiences as varied productions are created. The play has also inspired over 20 film adaptations, two operas, a Broadway musical, and countless dance interpretations. The best-known love story in Western civilization, Romeo and Juliet is a celebration of pure and romantic love tragically cut short by the rashness and folly of youth.

Artistic Staff

Director: Malcolm Tulip
Lighting Designer: Rob Murphy
Sound Designers: Peter Leonard and Dylan Sundberg
Fight Choreographer: Jacqueline Toboni
Stage Combat Consultant: Robert Najarian
Assistant Director: Ruby Grammatico
Dramaturg: Eli Zemper
Stage Manager: Yemisi Odetoyinbo


Escalus, Prince of Verona: Jordan Samuels
Mercutio, his kinsman, a friend of Romeo: Keaton Micucci
The Count Paris, another kinsman, suitor to Juliet: Will Branner

Montague, head of a noble family in Verona: Benjamin Bogen
Lady Montague, his wife: Liesl Collazo
Romeo, his son: Wonza Johnson
Benvolio, a friend of Romeo: Sophia Deery

Capulet, head of a noble family in Verona: Daniel Estrella
Lady Capulet, his wife: Hannah Flam
Juliet, his daughter: Storm Lever
Tybalt, Lady Capulet’s nephew: David Barnes
Nurse, to Juliet: Cameron Jones
Peter, servant of Capulet: Thomas Sweeney III

Friar Lawrence: Ellie Fishman
Friar John: Aaquil Rowe
Abraham: Eric Fegan
Balthasar: Sam Yabrow
Sampson: John-Alexander Sakelos
Gregory: Solea Pfeiffer
Apothecary: Leah Mattfield
Chief Watchman: Luke Steinhauer
Other roles: Members of the Cast




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November 18, 2018