Journal Entries

The objective of the Journal Entry (JE) process is to ensure that all expenses are accounted for in the correct chartfield, funds are transferred into approved chartfield combinations, and balances are zeroed out to close project/grants.

Only designated administrative staff are authorized to create in MPathways or to submit journal entry requests to Shared Services as determined by  TBD. These staff members consolidate requests from faculty and staff, assure accurate chartfield, and evaluate the appropriateness of faculty and staff transfer requests. They are:

Authorized Creators by Department

Michelle Pnacek, Financial Manager, SMTD

GL Journal Entry Approver

MPathways approval workflow will send all journal entries $10K and greater to the Eli Salembier for final approval.

Creators are required to take MyLinc courses GLE102 and CFE101 before receiving the Creator authorization in MPathways.

Creators must determine the justification and appropriateness of processing a journal entry. See the Financial Operations Journal Entry page for more information. Questions to ask:

  1. Is the dollar amount of the JE worth the time and effort involved?
  2. Has a journal already been completed so that your JE is not required?
  3. Does the requested transfer comply with UM guidelines? See SPG 500.01.
  4. Are the fund codes sponsored funds? If so, contact Sponsored Programs before you proceed. Sponsored Programs creates journal entries for all sponsored funds.
  5. Does the revenue remain within the same fund code? See Journal Entry Training Guide.
  6. Does the revenue’s class code remain the same?
  7. Are the expenses accounts appropriate and allowed? See the Valid Accounts and Transfer Matrix to determine whether transfers using your account codes are allowed.
  8. Are there available revenues to cover the transfer?
  9. Do you have approval from the budget owners for both lines of the journal entry?
  10. Do you have all the necessary backup to document the justification and budget owner approvals?

Instructions for submitting a JE through MPathways either manually or via upload can be found in the Journal Entry Training Guide. To submit through Shared Services, use the Journal Entry Request eForm. Backup can be attached electronically but a hard copy may also be required:

  • JEs affecting a Sponsored Project/Grant (with an initial Fund Code of 20000 or 25000) require submission of hard-copy supporting documentation to Sponsored Programs by 8:00am on the 1st workday to be processed in the current month’s business.
  • JEs not affecting a Sponsored Project/Grant will not require hard-copy supporting documentation unless your department’s internal controls require such support or the journal entry cannot stand on its own / is not self-explanatory. Mail to:
    Campus Mail
    Journal Support
    3003 South State Street
    3082 Wolverine Tower
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1287

Supporting documentation received by SSC, Accounting Customer Service, or Sponsored Programs is electronically imaged and retained in WebNow.

The Financial Manager will regularly review reporting in MReports to monitor pending JEs, JEs over $10K that were not approved by the CAO, and to monitor the volume of JE activity. Available reports are: