Recitals, Performances & Events

Students planning non-degree recitals, degree recitals, or events of any kind must adhere to SMTD policies for scheduling, publicity, programs, keys, and venue/equipment usage. Not all production requests may be supported, so please carefully read the information, and see Contact Information detailed questions or concerns.

Full recital policy information is available in Google Doc format. Please read and review all policies before requesting your recital in ASIMUT.

Student Guide for Recitals (updated for ASIMUT)

See below for additional information regarding accompanists, programs, piano keys, and equipment.

Recital Policies

The most up to date recital policies and scheduling system instructions can be found in the Student Recital Guide for ASIMUT, available in Google Doc format.

Collaborative Piano Services

Details regarding requesting a collaborative pianist can be found at Collaborative Piano Services Policy & Requests.


Programs & Publicity

Policies have recently changed regarding concert programs for recitals. Please visit our Concert Programs page for full details. The policy change is effective immediately; please make sure to review it in its entirety.

SMTD does not provide publicity support for recitals, outside of posting the event on our website calendar. In order to be published on our website, your event must be listed properly in ASIMUT. Please contact with any questions about making sure your recital is properly ASIMUT.

Large ensemble concert program and publicity policies have not changed. Please contact Megan Fisher with any Large Ensemble program questions.


Room Keys, Piano Keys, & Special Equipment

It is the student’s responsibility to check out all necessary keys for their dress rehearsal and recital. Proper care of instruments and school facilities should be exercised at all times.

Room Keys

Room keys are required for access to the following spaces:

  • Watkins Lecture Hall
  • Stearns Cady Room
  • BAM Hall
  • Britton Green Room/AV (also opens R2-D2 closet)

Piano Keys

Piano keys are required to use pianos in the following spaces:

  • Britton Recital Hall (student piano – white tag; faculty piano – brown tag)
  • McIntosh Theatre (green tag)
  • Stamps Auditorium (blue tag)
  • Watkins Lecture Hall (orange tag)
  • Stearns Cady Room (maroon tag)
  • Blanche Anderson Moore Hall

To check out a piano key you must fill out this Google form either shortly before pickup or at the reception desk upon checkout via QR code.

Piano key checkout and return occurs at the Moore reception desk.

For additional questions regarding piano key checkout, please email the operations team at

Keys will not be shared or pianos left unlocked for any reason. When the piano is in use, covers must be rolled up and placed on a chair or desk (off the floor) to keep them free of dust and dirt. All pianos must be locked and covered following use.

Additional Equipment

If you require any of the following special equipment for your recital, you must notify the appropriate SMTD faculty or staff below. Please be specific when requesting equipment, and note the date, time and location of your recital in your request. Certain special equipment may not be available in all recital spaces, so be sure to send a request before you set your program.

  • Additional Music Stands or Chairs (more than 10)
  • Conducting Podiums
  • Stand Lights

  • Microphones or Sound Reinforcement
  • Projectors or Screens
  • Training and FAQ for Installed Equipment

Randy Bibri: Piano Technology. Room 1245 Moore

  • Multi-Piano Works (Britton Recital Hall)
  • Prepared Piano Works

Professor Joseph Gascho: Harpsichord

Jonathan Smith: Percussion Program Manager

Contact Us

Randy Bibri
Director of Piano Technology
Piano Tuning, Rental & Moving
Erin Burris
Scheduling & Scholarship Coordinator
Class & Student Scheduling
Megan Fisher
Assistant Performance Librarian
Concert Programs
Kate Gunning
Administrative Assistant for Dance
Scheduling & Support in Dance Building
Alvin Hill
Events Technical Manager
Live-Streaming Staffing/Support
Jen Knapp
Department Administrator for Theatre & Drama
Scheduling & Support in Walgreen Drama Center
Sarah Lloyd
Administrative Assistant for Musical Theatre
Scheduling & Support in Walgreen Drama Center
Micaela Rebb
Coordinator: Faculty Events
Evening Operations & Reception Staffing
Jimmy Stagnitti
Coordinator: Daily Operations
Moore Building Day-to-Day Support
Additional Contacts

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