Physical Health Resources

SMTD Physical Health Resources

Postural Screenings

Musculoskeletal and neurological assessments are offered each Fall semester for freshmen. Students meet with a clinician from MedSport who checks for postural alignment, range of motion and runs tests as applicable to the motions students are expected to practice as part of their degree program. Following the screening students receive an individualized home exercise program to address any weaknesses or imbalances. Screenings are also available for students during their sophomore and junior year.

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Hearing Screenings

Each semester we offer free hearing screenings and earplug fittings for SMTD students, faculty, and staff, through a partnership with Michigan Audiology and Wayne State University.

Audiometric hearing screening is a simple procedure carried out for each ear. Pure tones are presented across a frequency range of 1000 to 4000 Hz to determine if the patient’s hearing level falls within normal limits. A quiet testing environment, calibrated audiometric equipment, and appropriately trained personnel are used in this event. If a participant has a history of hearing loss or ear problems, they will not need a hearing screening. Please note that for earplug fittings, priority is given to participants at a high risk for hearing loss.

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Performing Arts Health Clinic

The on-site Performing Arts Health Clinic, offered in partnership with MedSport and MPerform, provides students, faculty, and staff, the opportunity to meet with either a MedSport clinician (Kristen Schuyten, PT, DPT) or a hand specialist (Lexie Muir-Pappas, OT, CHT) to discuss any pain, injury, or discomfort. These one-on-one appointments help students with identifying sources of pain and any postural misalignments. Participants are given individualized exercise and stretching plans. Referrals for further treatment are provided on an as-needed basis. Postural screenings are also available for appointments with Kristen Schuyten.

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Nutrition Counseling

The School of Public Health Nutrition Counseling Center (SPH NCC) is open to all UM students and is sponsored by the Department of Nutritional Sciences as part of their dietetics training model. Examples of counseling session topics include better meal planning, eating tips for increased energy, grocery shopping tips, eating on a budget, digestive issues, or overcoming barriers that prevent better nutrition.

Appointments are available in-person at the SPH NCC Wellness Center space located in SPH II room 5327, or on Zoom. Find additional information from SPH.

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U-M Physical Health Resources

Performing Arts Injury Clinic

The MedSport Team is made up of orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine, pediatric specialists, physician assistants, physical therapists and assistants and athletic trainers.

Call 877-877-9333 to make an appointment.

Performing Artist Rehabilitation Medicine and Therapy Program

If you are experiencing performance related injuries, MPerform has physicians and therapists who will provide individualized evaluations and treatment sessions. They will also teach you preventative strategies and overall fitness improvement methods.

There are physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics located in Canton and Ann Arbor. Call 734-998-7888 for the Briarwood location.

Vocal Health Center

Vocalists and actors are at a greater risk for developing voice disorders. At the Multidisciplinary Clinic for Professional and Occupational Voice Users, a team of laryngologists, speech pathologists, and faculty/staff of the School of Music, Theater, and Dance can help properly diagnose and provide the right treatment.

Call 734-936-8051 to make an appointment.


Michigan Audiology provides comprehensive hearing loss services.




Concussions are a big part of the cases that NeuroSport takes care of, but they also see and treat cases of peripheral nerve injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological injuries.

Learn about concussions.

Call 734-930-7400 to make an appointment.

Recreational Sports

Students who are currently enrolled in one or more credits have free access to Rec Sports facilities that include the North Campus Recreation Building (NCRB), the Central Campus Recreation Building (CCRB), the Intramural Sports Building (IMSB) located on Hoover Avenue, and the Sports Coliseum located on Hill Street and Fifth Avenue. There is also an Outdoor Adventures Rental Center that rents out affordable outdoor and recreational equipment to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

There are several outdoor facilities equipped with outdoor artificial turf fields for football and soccer, sand volleyball courts, softball fields, and open field areas. Elbel Field is at the corner of South Division and Hill, Mitchell Field is on Fuller between North and Medical campuses, Palmer Field is on Washtenaw in front of the CCRB, and the Radrick Challenge Program located on Dixboro Road has indoor meeting areas and outdoor picnic areas that are ideal for group outings, conferences, retreats, reunions, and birthday parties.

Kinesiology Community Classes

The U-M kinesiology department offers activity classes throughout the year. Enrolled students have the option of registering for swimming, tennis, and swim conditioning courses for credit.

If you are a student with children, the department also offers activity classes called KidSport for $20 per session.

Call 734-647-2708 for more information.



U-M Health System

U-M Health System

Specialty care centers include Comprehensive Cancer Center, Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Depression Center, Kellogg Eye Center and more.

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