Wellness Education

This page provides an overview of the types of Wellness education opportunities available. 



Wellness courses provide our students with the tools they need to support their physical and mental well-being. For-credit courses available include Yoga for Performers I and II, Strengthening and Conditioning, Alexander Technique, Wellness for the Performing Artist, and Contemplative Studies.

Contemplative Studies Course Descriptions

Reminder: please visit the University Registrar’s Office Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information on course offerings!

JAZZ 450/550: Contemplative Practice Seminar (2 credits)
Explores contemplative disciplines through historical, theoretical perspectives, and through direct experience. Instructor permission required; typically offered Fall, Winter, Spring

JAZZ 455/555: Creativity and Consciousness (2 credits)
This course explores the idea that heightened consciousness may be a central aspect to creative activity in diverse fields. Instructor permission required; typically offered Winter

Wellness Course Descriptions

Reminder: please visit the University Registrar’s Office Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information on course offerings!

WELLNESS 200/500: Wellness for the Performing Artist (1 credit)
In this class, students explore wellness in the performing arts through topics such as performance anxiety, mindfulness, nutrition, stress management, Yoga, Body Mapping, and Alexander Technique. Each student develops a personalized wellness plan with the goal of making positive habit changes throughout the course of the semester. Typically offered Fall, Winter.

WELLNESS 220/520: Alexander Technique Intro (1 credit)
The goal in this class is to restore the ease and enjoyment of performing by examining habits of tension that can interfere with fluid movement and expanded creativity. Using the self-awareness principles embodied in the Alexander Technique, students learn to restore free and easy breath, let go of unnecessary tension, and reduce self-defeating thoughts that interfere with instinctual freedom. Group and individual instruction provided. Typically offered Fall, Winter.

WELLNESS 412/512: Yoga for Performers (1 credit)
Balancing body, mind, and spirit for optimal performance. Breath-based focus on exercises to increase flexibility, balance, mindfulness, and release of entanglements. Instructor permission required; typically offered Fall, Winter

Wellness Mini-Series

Guest presentations offered throughout the year. Topics include injury prevention, hearing health, performance anxiety, nutrition, and more. Watch a selection of prior presentations:

Performing WellCAST

This series of educational talks on topics of interest to the performing artist is available on the SMTD Wellness YouTube playlist.

Performing Well Blog

Performing Well is a blog to experience wellness and its unique challenges through the lens of the performing artist. A resource for the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance community, and beyond, provided by our SMTD Wellness Ambassadors.

Your source for inclusive informal content, conversation, interviews, wellness resources, and more.


The Wellness Program has created a variety of infographics and toolkits to help you with accessing information and resources quickly and effectively.

Get Involved

SMTD Peer-to-Peer Support Network

The SMTD Peer-to-Peer Support Network brings together students interested in both giving nonjudgmental support to their peers and receiving support. Students are paired with another student to chat about challenges, validate each other’s struggles, and support one another.
Network students are asked to meet at least twice during the term, for around 30-minutes (for example, this could be over coffee at Pierpont!). All participating students receive a $10 gift card per pair to have their first coffee on us. The semester ends with a pizza party!

All students who join will receive free training on active listening, how to empathetically approach certain topics, and learn about wellness resources at UM. If you are interested in joining, please email us at: [email protected]

Wellness Ambassador Program

The Wellness Ambassador program is a paid professional experience for undergraduate and/or graduate SMTD students wishing to explore and better understand the field of wellness. Selected students work directly with the Wellness Program Manager on developing student-led programing and acting as liaisons between the Wellness Program and their respective departments. Interviews for the following academic year usually occur in April and May. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.