Research Grant & Proposal Internal Deadlines

Here are some points to consider when proceeding with a project/grant proposal submission:

  • The SMTD Faculty Research Committee (FRC) usually meets one time ahead of a submission deadline.
  • Complex project/grant proposals and sponsored projects require more time to prepare.
  • There may be arrangements and approvals that must be negotiated and secured before a project/grant proposal is presented to the FRC.
  • Projects that are funded by external sponsors are classified as sponsored projects and are managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) using the eResearch Proposal Management interface. (Note that ORSP has its own published deadlines for ePAF submissions that run concurrently with SMTD submission deadlines.)
  • The elements of a complete UMOR project/grant proposal include: narrative, budget, budget justification, and a brief biography.

Project/grant proposals are first submitted to Karen Fournier ( in the Research Office for review prior to presentation to the FRC for internal review.

Proposals are due no later than six (6) weeks prior to the application deadline. (e.g. UMOR’s October 15 deadline, no later than September 1.)

The Faculty Research Committee meets 7-14 days before an UMOR deadline date. The number of proposals received by the Research Office and the proposals’ complexity greatly affects the time necessary to prepare them for internal review. Proposals presented during summer months are a special challenge because of reduced reviewer availability.

There are a number of factors that should be taken into account when putting a proposal together. For example, proposals that involve scheduling and reserving campus facilities, equipment purchase or rental, or departmental staffing may require additional approval and coordination and, thus, more time to prepare.

UMOR grant recipients are not eligible to apply to UMOR’s Faculty Grants & Awards Program for one calendar year from the award date.