Walgreen Drama Center & Stamps Auditorium

Rooms, Keys, Pianos & Lockers

Reservable Spaces in the Walgreen Drama Center (WDC)

The Arthur Miller Theater and Stamps Auditorium are booked separately from the WDC spaces. To inquire about the Arthur Miller please contact Shannon Rice at [email protected]. To book Stamps Auditorium please email [email protected].

Performance Spaces

  • The Newman Studio (WDC 1415 WDC)
    • Capacity 111 Seats (Risers available upon advanced request)
    • Houses Senior BFA Directing Theses, Faculty Studio Productions, Basement Arts, and independent student productions
    • Equipped with a projector and cyclorama screen.
    • Upright Piano
  • The Towsley Studio (1455 WDC )
    • Capacity 112 Seats (Risers available upon advanced request)
    • Mirrors and dancefloor
    • Houses all applicable Department of Musical Theatre events.
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
    • Baby Grand Piano
  • Acting For The Camera Studio (2415 WDC)
    • Studio-style classroom outfitted with curtains and lighting suitable for filming.
    • There is no projector setup in this space. If you require a temporary projector setup for a reservation, please reach out to the Studio and Performance Manager.
    • Upright Piano

Rehearsal Spaces/ Classrooms

  • Studio 2
    • Larger rehearsal space. Great for dance, movement and combat classes.
    • Mirrors and dance floor
    • Projector and screen
    • Upright Piano
  • Costume Classroom (2233 WDC)
    • Reservable by students in a costume class or with a costume concentration.
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
  • D&P Classroom (2239 WDC)
    • Reservable by Design and Production students outside of scheduled class times.
    • This room is a designated crafting space. Please ensure the proper disposal of paint according to instructions in the classroom.
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
  • Large Classroom (2439 WDC)
    • Classroom with 44 attached desks, a piano, and a couple of rolling tables.
    • Upright Piano
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
  • Trueblood Classroom (2443 WDC)
    • Classroom with space for 24 seated at small rolling tables.
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
  • Rosen Room (Conference Room) (B207 WDC)
    • Conference room with space for QTY seated at various tables.
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.
  • Voice and Directing Studio (B222 WDC)
    • Open rehearsal space for acting, movement, wellness and voice classes. No desks or tables.
    • Upright Piano
    • Equipped with a projector and screen.

Studio/Venue Use

Reservations: Access the Walgreen Drama Center Reservation Policies and Procedures

  • Please forward any questions about reservations to [email protected]
  • The WDC is unlocked from 7:00am-7:00pm, Sunday through Saturday. If you reserve a space in the building outside of these hours, you will need to use your MCard to access the building. If your event is open to the public and takes place outside of normal hours, please email the hours you’d like to have the doors opened to the public to [email protected].
  • The Walgreen Office is staffed from 9:00am-11:00pm Mon-Fri and 10:00am-11:00pm Sat-Sun by staff and students. If a room you have reserved is locked, please visit the office to gain access to the room. Reservations in ASIMUT are required for room access. Reservations outside of these hours will need to email [email protected] after booking to request a key for the space.


  • There are gendered restrooms located at either end of the 1st floor main hallway, near each building entrance. There are also restrooms near the 2nd floor office, and in the basement near the dressing rooms.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms can be found on the 1st floor, room 1236T and basement, rooms B201 and B203.


  • Lockers are located in the Basement level for storage of classroom and other supplies. Users must provide their own lock. SMTD reserves the right to open any locker should appropriate circumstances arise in accordance with University and SMTD policies. Should prohibited items (weapons, alcohol, etc.) appear in the user’s locker, SMTD will contact DPSS to report and remove the items.

First Aid

  • Basic first aid supplies are located in the Walgreen Drama Center Office (2230 WDC) in the labeled desk drawers. There are also first aid kits mounted backstage in the Newman and Towsley Studios. For anything more than a minor injury, contact 911 or DPSS.

Room & Equipment Policies

  • In performance spaces, props and set pieces must be properly stored behind curtains at the end of each rehearsal/performance and cannot be left in aisle ways or hallways per U-M Fire Safety. Please refer any questions on proper storage to the Studio Manager.
  • Studios and classrooms are provided with dry mops, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer. Please leave spaces better than you found them.
  • Minimal eating and drinking is allowed in our spaces, as long as you clean up after your group. Please clean up any spills or crumbs. If you fill a trash or recycling bin, it is common courtesy to dispose of the full bag in the dumpster located in the loading dock behind the building.
  • Risers are available in Newman and Towsley. Please indicate your riser needs when requesting to book either of these spaces. (Risers are pulled Friday afternoon and pushed back on Monday morning for requests for weekend events.)
  • Under no circumstances may items be left or stored in the back hallway (behind Newman, Studio 2 and Towsley) by order of the fire marshall.
  • After-hours emergency contact numbers are located on the WDC Office Door (2230 WDC). For after hours facilities emergencies, please refer to the posted numbers.
  • Failure to abide by these policies may result in being barred from future bookings in the Walgreen Drama Center.