SMTD Piano Inventory

The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance owns and maintains approximately 250 pianos, of which about half are grand pianos, and half are uprights. School of Music pianos are not intended for use by the general public. If you see someone from the general public using our facilities, please notify an appropriate authority. The following is a general description of the inventory.

Moore Building

Practice Facility

Our practice facility features an all-Steinway grand piano environment, of which we are very proud! These Steinways are reserved for use by piano majors and principals, (performance majors, jazz, conducting, theory, history, and music education students whose major instrument is the piano). They are not open for use by instrumentalists, unless accompanied by a piano major or principal for rehearsal purposes. Other exceptions may apply. Please consult the Piano Tech Staff or the Chair of Piano when in doubt. In addition, there are three upright piano rooms used expressly by the Piano Department GSIs.

As mentioned earlier, we now have two general use piano chamber rooms, plus a duo-piano chamber room (available by reservation). These are part of the roster of restricted-use rooms.

Most upright practice rooms are not “restricted use” and are available for use by instrumentalists and other authorized students taking music courses at the School of Music. There are approximately 45 rooms containing Yamaha and Boston professional upright pianos. The even-numbered rooms from 1100 to 1126 were expanded in size as part of a SMTD renovation project that concluded in the summer of 2015. These may be used by piano majors and staff pianists for chamber music with instrumentalists as well, should grand pianos not be available.

SMTD Classrooms and Large Studios

The pianos that occupy classrooms and large studios in the many different SMTD buildings are somewhat varied. They range from Steinway grand pianos to Boston and Yamaha vertical pianos. These pianos are serviced once or twice per semester (depending on their use as well as the room schedule), and are given periodic oversight in order to catch any significant problems or playability issues.

Glenn Watkins Lecture Hall

This room contains a Steinway seven-foot under lock and key that is strictly for use by performance faculty and students for studio classes, recordings, or special workshops, and overflow recitals. It is not a practice piano.

The Britton Recital Hall

This hall contains our two most frequently used concert-quality performance pianos. The pianos are named for generous families who made their purchase possible. The Brehm Piano (formerly called the student piano) is a Steinway Model D that was acquired in 2015. The Gershenson Piano (formerly called the faculty piano) was acquired in 2018. Both are exceptional instruments in their own right, though each instrument has its own unique personality. In addition, the George Gershwin Model A Steinway resides in Britton. This instrument is also under lock and key. Special permissions are required for the use of this piano, as part of the conditions of the Gershwin Initiative. Please consult the Piano Technology Staff for more information.  

Kevreson Rehearsal Hall

The rehearsal hall has a Steinway seven-foot piano for rehearsal purposes. It is serviced twice a week during the academic year.  A two-manual A-440 harpsichord also resides here. For more information regarding the harpsichord, please contact Joe Gascho, Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Stearns Collection. [email protected]

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall has a Steinway seven-foot grand for rehearsal purposes. It is serviced three times per week during the academic year. There is also a Yamaha P22 Upright piano that is serviced roughly twice per semester.

McIntosh Theatre

McIntosh Theatre houses a Steinway Model D that was purchased in 2007 via a generous grant from the Caldwell family. There is also a Yamaha WX-7 professional upright for general use. At this time only the Steinway is maintained under lock and key.

North Campus

Duderstadt Center Recording Studio

Stationed here since summer 2008, is a beautifully restored and balanced Steinway 7-foot Model B piano, located in the recording studio and available for use by all authorized SMTD students and faculty for serious recording purposes. This instrument is not available for use in the Duderstadt Video Center. Please note that certain recording projects, such as those for personal promotion or profit, are subject to fees for either rental or tuning. For more information, please see Usual and Customary above

The Duderstadt Video Studio now has its own piano, a recently restored Steinway Model B, but this piano is not owned by SMTD. Please direct any questions regarding this piano, including requests for use and tuning, to David Greenspan, Managing Producer, Audio Studios. [email protected]

Dance Building Studio 1

When the new Dance Building opened in 2020, each large studio was assigned a new or recently rebuilt piano. The main performance space has a seven-foot Steinway Model B that was purchased for the opening of the building. Arrangements for a key to this piano should be made through the Dance Building office.

Arthur Miller Theatre

A 48-inch professional Boston Model UP126 upright piano is assigned to this venue for use in the pit or onstage.  It is normally stored in the piano tech storage room in a basement hallway in Walgreen Drama Center.  Arrangements must be made with the Piano Tech Dept. for its preparation and use for events in Arthur Miller Theatre. 

Stamps Auditorium

Newly inaugurated in 2008, the Stamps Auditorium houses a nine-foot Steinway Model D concert grand piano for performance, available to graduate students, faculty, and some ensembles. It is available for rent to other University units and presenters. While there is storage for the piano off-stage, special arrangements must be made for moving the piano off-stage. Please contact (house tech?) to make arrangements if you wish to have the piano off-stage for your performance. An Essex EUP116 upright, stored in the green room, is also available for regular rehearsal purposes. Please take special care if you must move this upright to and from the stage.

Stearns Cady Room Recital Hall

This building includes a recital venue with a Steinway Model B seven-foot grand.  The piano is intended especially for non-degree recitals as well as studio classes conducted by faculty and GSIs.  This instrument is tuned on a twice-weekly schedule.  For special tuning requirements, consult the Piano Tech staff.

Central Campus

Rackham Auditorium

This building includes a recital venue with a Steinway Model B seven-foot grand.  The piano is intended especially for non-degree recitals as well as studio classes conducted by faculty and GSIs.  This instrument is tuned on a twice-weekly schedule.  For special tuning requirements, consult the Piano Tech staff.

Power Center

The main auditorium has a Yamaha WX-7 professional upright in the orchestra pit. The rehearsal room has a Steinway Model M, five-foot seven-inch grand piano, generally used by Music Theatre.

Mendelssohn Theatre

Mendelssohn Theatre houses a Boston UP126 professional upright. The piano is tuned as needed for events, so please be sure to request a tuning for this piano at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Hill Auditorium

A house Steinway seven-foot piano is available for choral and orchestral performances. For solo or concerto performances, a 2009 Steinway Model D nine-foot piano is stationed there as well.  Other campus units presenting events requiring piano may rent the SMTD house pianos.  Consult with the Piano Technology Department for information.

President's Home

A fully restored 1880 Steinway Model C resides in the living room of the President’s mansion on South University Avenue.  The School of Music provides this instrument for the pleasure of the president and, in coordination with his offices, for faculty and student performers for various University functions.  This instrument, a gift of the Brescoll Family, is the oldest piano in the SMTD Inventory. 

The University Museum of Art

Installed in 1996 as a result of an agreement between the School of Music and the Museum, the Elizabeth Gould Hochmann Steinway Art-Case piano is a 1930 model B in Colonial Style 336, based on the style used on the first Steinway piano built in 1839. Access to this instrument is strictly limited to SMTD faculty and students for curricular events. Inquiries about this instrument should be directed through the Piano Technology Department.

University Commons Retirement Community

Through a reciprocal agreement with the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, a seven-foot Steinway Model B has been placed on loan to the Commons, which is responsible for servicing this instrument. The instrument and venue are available on a limited basis for performances by faculty and students. However, with the exception of general oversight, the Piano Technology Department is not responsible for the routine maintenance of this piano.

Current update: April 2023