Filming on Campus

If your filming will take place outdoors or will be filmed in an area of SMTD that is not reservable in ASIMUT, a filming application must be submitted to the U-M Film Office. The U-M Film Office asks that a film application be received at least 30 days in advance for review. A few important notes:

  • If your film will be consumed by the public, including but not limited to documentaries, commercial use and student filming (movies, music video, commercials, etc). The request must go through the U-M Film Office for review. This includes script review. Script reviews typically take 5 days for review. 
  • If your filming will take place inside a space that is reservable in ASIMUT, you do not need to submit a filming application. The U-M Film Office also does not need to be contacted regarding filming for the purposes of marketing and recruiting for SMTD and for projects in partnership with the SMTD Marketing & Communications team as the Marketing & Communications team will work with the U-M Film Office when appropriate.
  • The U-M Film Office has helpful Guidelines and Procedures to aid in planning your filming.  

 If you have questions or are unsure if your specific request requires Film Office approval, please contact SMTD Facilities at [email protected] and SMTD Marketing & Communications at [email protected].